Last night on AEW’s Rampage we saw one of the most anticipated returns in wrestling history! The United Center was electric and abuzz, with the hopes of after almost 9 years seeing ‘The Second City Savior’, ‘The Best In The World’, but it finally happened! Cm Punk is back in pro Wrestling and is All Elite!

It was reported a few months ago that Punk had inked a deal with AEW but nothing was ever truly confirmed. Around June Rumors began swirling that AEW had an interest in bringing in Punk, but many fans were skeptical due to the fact that since his departure from wrestling in 2014 Punk had brushed off any talks of a return.

In 2014 he was let go by WWE after internal turmoil with higher up in the company. Punk has made it public that he personally had a meeting with Tripple H and Vince McMahon expressing his displeasure with the treatment or the lack of that he received by the company, after suffering an injury in a match that eventually developed into a worse prognosis. He was eventually fired after being suspended. Not too long after his release Punk did an interview with his friend Colt Cabana on his Art of Wrestling Podcast where he aired out all his grievances with WWE.

The interview subsequently led to WWE and their doctors filing lawsuits against both punk and Cabbana. During this time punk would try his hand at the MMA world . He had two fights in UFC but unfortunately would lose both of his only fights with his company. Punk would pick up a win, but that would be in the courtroom where the lawsuits that were filed against him would be dropped.

Last night’s debut was only the beginning, as last night while making his return punk would challenge Darby Allen to a match at All Out on September 5 being held in Chicago. This is a shift in the wrestling world and now we will have to see what the WWE can do to counter this move. What are your thoughts on Punks Return?