Tony Khan Wants To Bring AEW To Craven Cottage Home Of The Fulham FC

AEW could finally be making their United Kingdom debut sometime in the near future.

There has been talk of AEW making their overseas debut in the United Kingdom for some time, as Tony Khan had originally stated the there were plans for last years Fyter Fest to have been held in England but plans changed due to the pandemic.

I also recently noted on podcasts I did with Alex McCarthy and talkSPORT, as well as Wrestling Inc Daily with Nick Hausman that AEW has been discussing internally about making their UK debut in the near future.

Tony Khan was a guest on Wrestling Observer Radio today, where he revealed that he wants to bring AEW to Craven Cottage, which is home to his Fulham FC located in Fulham in West London, England.

“I can’t announce exact dates but I will say for the first time I think I’ve ever said it officially. To give you guys a big scoop on it. I want to bring AEW to Craven Cottage, very much so. Craven Cottage is very special to me. We put a lot into the development, the redevelopment of the Riverside Stand and the new Craven Cottage with all of the new amenities and facilities and the beautiful additions I think would be the best home in England possible for AEW.”

You can see my interview on Wrestling Inc Daily where I discussed a possible UK debut, as well as Bryan Danielson signing with AEW below.