Rev Pro Epic Encounters 10 Results

Rev Pro Epic Encounters series continued with Epic Encounters 10;

Connor Mills defeated Shaun Jackson

*Shaun Jackson really impressed in this match, showing off all his recent training but Connor had the experience edge and managed to weather the storm, picking up the win after hitting his Burning Hammer/Cutter combination to get the pin fall.

Mad Kurt called out Dan Maloney

Mad Kurt had asked for some time on the Mic to once again call out Dan Maloney, Maloney comes to the ring, after Kurt struck Maloney with a keyboard and ran off, Maloney agreed to face Kurt for his spot in the Southside Heavyweight tournament final.

Chris Ridgeway defeated Callum Newman

*Despite being non stop back and forth action it seemed as though Chris Ridgeway was always in control, Ridgeway would pick up the win when the referee put a stop to match after Ridgeway knocked Newman out with punt style penalty kick to his head.

Kid Lykos II defeated Lee Hunter

*Despite help from the original Kid Lykos and working over Lee Hunters leg,, Kid Lykos II could not put hunter away, Hunter used all his heart in experience to fight against the odds, hitting his swinging reverse DDT to pick up the win by pin fall.

Screwface Ahmed defeated Dan MaGee

*Dan MaGee looked great for a man coming back from injury but despite fighting hard, he couldn’t overcome Screwface who, thanks to a distraction from Gideon Grey, was able to hit his rolling dice/rolling cutter finisher to get the win by pin fall.

Gideon Grey and Skye Smitson call out Jamie Hayter

*Gideon Grey and Skye Smitson called out Jamie Hayter following their Championship match that was ruled a no contest, Hayter comes to the ring a says she’ll face Skye Smitson anytime, eventually Andy Qulidon agrees to make the match.

RKJ defeated Charlie Sterling

*An incredible back and forth match with both competitors giving everything they had, eventually RKJ is able to get the win when the referee put a stop to the match, with Sterling unable to defend himslef as RKJ rained down shots to sterling’s head winning the match via TKO.

Kanji defeated Aleah James

*An amazing clash of heart, agility and athleticism Kanji controlled the match with James fighting from underneath with plenty of spirit, but she eventually succumbs to a spring board assisted cutter from Kanji, who would then pick up then win by pin fall.

So much to look forward to with Rev Pro as they start running live events once again from June, plus as announced at the beginning to the show Rev Pro to run their own tag league to crown new tag team champions.

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