NXT UK Recap and Results

Hot off of NXT UK prelude last week, there was packed night of action, with Amir Jordan vs Kenny Williams in the main event as they look to settle their score following their Tag Team split. Emilia McKenzie set to make her singles debut against Isla Dawn, Nathan Frazer looked to continue his winning streak facing Saxon Huxley, plus Jack Starz hopes to put his training with Piper Niven to good use against Ashton Smith. Also this week sees the return of Noam Dar’s Supernova Sessions as he welcomes Gallus to his show.

Saxon Huxley Vs Nathan Frazer

A great opening match, Saxon Huxley always looks a threat despite his win/loss record and he looked fantastic in this match putting his size advantage to good use. Frazer really seemed to struggle with the size difference but the moment he had space he put it to good use hitting a flurry of high speed, high impact moves to put Huxley to the mat, finishing him off with Frog Splash to pick up the win by pin fall.

Noam Dar and Sha Samuels call for Tyler Bate and Trent Seven to reunite as Moustache Mountain and face them in a tag match.

Noam Dar Supernova Sessions

Noam Dar opens up Supernova Sessions with some basic canned humour before bringing out Gallus’ Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. Some basic back and forth before they are interrupted by Eddie Dennis and his new hunt Tyson T-Bone and Rampage, the two teams then clash before being broken up by security.

Sam Gradwell is trying to get into the BT Studios, Dave Mastiff goes to let him in the building but Gradwell insults him and Mastiff proceeds to just lock him out.

Tyler Bate and Trent Seven look forward to reuniting as Mustache Mountain for the first time at the BT Studios to face Samuels and Dar next week.

Isla Dawn vs Emilia McKenzie

A shock result with Isla Dawn picking up the win in Emilia McKenzie’s singles debut. McKenzie looked fantastic throughout showing off her range of impressive offence including a front flip assisted spear as well as reminding us why she was once refereed to as Suplex Millie. Isla Dawn is looking better than ever with this turn to the dark side, her more aggressive approach is supported with lethal kicks, catching McKenzie with a hard roundhouse followed by Half Nelson/German suplex to get the pin fall victory.

Jinny sends a message to Dani Luna ahead of their clash next week,

Following Meiko Satomura’s match last week, Aoife Valkyrie laid out a challenge to her, footage from last week shows Satomura accepting her challenge.

Asthon Smith Vs Jack Starz

A really impressive match, both of these guys are fantastic talents, given time to work here they put on a hell of a display. Smith always looks so impressive each time he is in the ring, he has great strength and athleticism, controlling most of the match up using his size advantage. Jack Starz showed that all his work with Piper has not been a waste, showing his usual heart and passion but just having a little extra in him to take the match to finish line rolling up Smith in pinning predicament to get the win.

Kenny Williams vs Amir Jordan

A match that exceeded all expectations, both competitors are amazing workers and the added emotion in the match gave it an extra level. Jordan was more aggressive than ever before not even waiting to fully get ready before asking the referee to call for the bell. Williams played this right keeping his composure, he would use Jordan’s over zealousness against him. Although Jordan would catch Williams’ attempts to break the rules on a couple occasions Williams would be just one step ahead, turning a centre turnbuckle round to expose the steel, Jordan would go head first into it allowing Williams to pick up the win.

Another great NXT UK, some fantastic in ring action and plenty to look forward to next week with Moustache Mountain’s BT Studio debut against Noam Dar and Sha Samuels, plus Joe Coffey faces Eddie Dennis. You can catch NXT UK on the WWE Network every Thursday from 8pm GMT.

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