EXCLUSIVE: Screenshots Reveal Former Violence x Suffering Promoter’s Deep Involvement In Canceled Joey Ryan Show

Throughout the course of the day, independent wrestler Pinkie Sanchez has been calling out Violence x Suffering, a wrestling promotion based in Brooklyn, NY for hiding ties to Joey Ryan. Sanchez has already revealed screenshots on his Twitter account showing that co-promoter of the company Orlando Fernandez remains in contact with Joey Ryan and had knowledge prior to Monday that Ryan would be involved on an independent show in Tennessee that has since been canceled following the revelations of Ryan’s involvement and the fact many pointed out the charity involved in the event is sketchy due to its ties to controversial Christian evangelist and author Joyce Meyer.

Eventually co-promoter of VxS Isaac Rodriguez issued a statement that said he was parting ways with Fernandez and was now the exclusive promoter of the brand. However, in screenshots exclusively shared with Bodyslam, Sanchez revealed that not only was Fernandez had deep involvement in booking the show, in addition to defending Joey Ryan to Sanchez.

One of the screenshots has Sanchez asking Fernandez why he wouldn’t consider bringing Ryan back after his defense of his actions while wrestlers like Velveteen Dream and James Ellsworth continue to find work, only for Fernandez to respond with “cause n***** sensitive.” When Sanchez presses him on whether or not Ryan should be punished for his actions, Fernandez continues to defend Ryan and states that if he was actually guilty, he should be in jail.

Another screenshot claims Fernandez only booked four people for the event and claims he told everyone he booked about Ryan’s involvement, and while Sanchez warns him association with Ryan would probably lead to problems for him in the independent wrestling community, Fernandez claims he was only thinking about “making it right.”

More screenshots reveal that Fernandez claims Ryan still can get booked outside of what he refers to as “woke states,” and also defends Ryan, stating that him putting together this charity show is “trying to make it right.”

While these are only a sample, Bodyslam obtained almost 3 dozen screenshots of a conversation between Sanchez and Fernandez that implicates Fernandez’s involvement in helping book and promote the charity event and his willingness to forgive Ryan while shaming the victims for not going to the police. Though allegedly VxS has parted ways with him, Fernandez remains a promoter in the New York area.

If all of this is true, this would heavily implicate VxS in the organization of the charity event that booked Joey Ryan and getting talent on the show. It was the work done by a promoter who would want to go on record as being against having Ryan on one of his own shows but isn’t afraid to put him on a show he didn’t have to publicly put his name on as well. This also provides hard evidence to prove the rumor David Bixenspan tweeted about is true, that Ryan was attempting to use a promoter to help normalize booking him on independent shows.

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