Young Rock EP 03 Review

On this week’s episode, Young Rock takes us to the childhood of The Rock and we take a look to his grandmother Lia Maivia (one of the first female wrestling promoters).

The episode itself was really fun, especially the wrestling legends that we see in the show. Brett Azar and Nate Jackson as The Iron Sheik and The Junkyard Dog respectively were the best impressions of the episode.

On the other side, Adam Ray as Vince McMahon didn’t work at all and was one of the biggest negative points of the episode. This performance was distracting and disappointing. The show handles with a lot of greater than life characters and this could be one of the show great selling points, but it could also be a big weakness if not handle correctly.

Watching the show, I felt I would rather watch a show about the road adventures of Randy, Savage, Andre and others, than the one we are getting in Young Rock. The show is fun, but a show about the road adventures of 80s wrestling icons would be more fun to watch.

Joseph Lee Anderson again was one of the highlights of the episode as Rocky Johnson. This episode we saw another side of Rocky Johnson as a wrestler and family man. Ana Tuisila as Lia Maivia was without a doubt the MVP of the episode.

Rating: 3.25/5