Progress Chapter 104, Natural Progression Recap and Results

Progress wrestling returned action last night with a new look, a new venue and brand new team as Hustle Malone and Charles Crowley sit at the commentary booth. They quickly run down the show, before introducing the new host of Progress “Big Wavey” Roy Johnson, as he took us straight into the action introducing the first match.

Gene Munney vs Spike Trivet vs Omari vs Chris Ridgeway

*Chris Ridgeway Defeated Gene Munney by pin fall

What a way to kick off the show, each competitor got a chance to shine, Ridgeway and Omari started the match off with some excellent shoot style wrestling working some great transitions reversals and holds. Spike Trivet gets back into the match and is vicious, every thing he did had purpose looking bigger and better than ever, we got to see the that Munney is more that just a character dominating at times with his power, Omari was next to shine showing some amazing athleticism and power. Chris Ridgeway showed he some of hardest kicks in the business lighting each of the competitors at time he is eventually left alone in the ring with Munney, he lands a solid penalty kick style blow, followed by a punt style kick KO’ing Munney, as Ridgeway picked up the pin fall.

Luke Jacobs vs Man Like DeRiess

*Jacobs defeated DeRiess by pin fall

Luke started off strong seeming to be the better technical wrestler but as soon as Man Like DeRiess picks up the pace the match up swings in his favour landing a beautiful drop kick, showing of his incredible agility. Jacobs is able to get himself back into the match with some heavy shots, stinging shots and able to execute strong suplex but DeReiss sends Jacobs over the ropes with a super kick. Back in the ring Jacobs hits a huge spinebuster, however its DeReiss’ athleticism and speed that gives him the advantage enabling him to stay one step ahead of Jacobs. The two competitors trade shots and moves each struggling to keep the other down, in the end Jacobs hits two devastating lariats with the second putting DeReiss out for the count as Jacobs picks up the win by pin fall, advancing to the finals.

Kid Lykos II vs Ethan Allen

*Allen defeated Lykos II by referee stoppage

Lykos and Allen would’ve got a “This Is Wrestling” chant right from the off as both competitors showed that they are true students of British/European wrestling. Lykos seeming to have the advantage in the early goings latching on a Guillotine choke but Allen is able to power out hitting a stunning double underhook suplex. These two competitors go back forth, chop for chop, move for move, Lykos is able to hit a beautiful Spanish fly but could not get the win, during a striking exchange Allen is able lock in a double armbar but Lykos gets a rope break by biting the ropes. Allen is able to pull Lykos away from the ring ropes, with a double arm bar locked in Allen unleashes stomps to back of the head with the referee calling match, Allen picks up the win by referee stoppage.

Millie McKenzie vs Mercedez Blaze

*Millie McKenzie defeated Mercedez by pin fall

Mercedez takes the Mic and starts trash talking, Millie takes the Mic but without saying word she just boots Mercedez before aggressively unleashing on Mercedez, forcing her to retreat to the outside. Mercedez is able to bait Millie to the outside taking advantage as she comes through the ropes she is able dominate for a period shutting down any time Millie tries to fight back. Millie is able to land one of her patented German suplexes following a reversal she is finally able to get her self back into the match hitting a devastating cutter but Mercedez is able kick out a pin attempt. Millie is finally able to put an end to Mercedez following a couple of spinning back elbows, picking up the win by pin fall.

Elijah vs Danny Black

*Black defeated Elijah by pin fall

Tension is in the air from the off as the two competitors start pushing and shoving before the introductions, Elijah lands a huge boot to Black’s back but Black picks up the pace and is able to avoid and frustrate Elijah. Elijah has the power advantage though and he starts to use it to good affect, once Elijah had Black in his grasp he did not let go, landing some punishing blows. Black is able to find some space and he puts it to good use as the man without fear lands some high risk offence hitting a spring board cutter but could not get the pin. Elijah looked to have the edge as momentum as shifted back and fourth but Black is able to hit his Out Of the Black finisher out of nowhere to get the win by pin fall. Elijah attacks Black after the bell.

Warren Banks vs Big Guns Joe

*Banks defeated Joe by pin fall

Warren Banks has a distinctive size and strength advantage although Big Gun Joe didn’t seem to notice, trying to match Banks in tests of strength, Joe did seem to have a wrestling advantage but Banks was always able to shut him down with his power advantage. Joe is able to throw Banks across the ring with an incredible gut wrench suplex but its not able to keep Banks down, who is able to fold Joe inside out with spear and pick up the win

Chuck Mambo vs Kid Lykos

*Lykos defeated Mambo by submission

Lykos makes his return to action following a 22 month lay off but you couldn’t tell, Lykos opens up with some crisp technical wrestling nullifying the size advantage of Mambo. Mambo creates his space and showed Lykos his Lucha skills, springing from rope to rope, confusing Lykos before stringing together some offence. Lykos is able the hit reversal as Mambo comes charging into the corner, Lykos then hits several hard hitting moves in a blink of an eye, almost taking Mambo’s head off with a running knee but Mambo survived the pin attempt. Both unleash their biggest moves, both competitors scramble for pin attempts but neither man can keep the other down. Lykos II runs down to the ringside to cause a distraction sliding a baking tray into the ring which Lykos bounces off Mambo’s skull before locking his blood moon submission for the win.

Progress World Championship Match

Dan Moloney vs Cara Noir

*Cara Noir defeated Dan Moloney due to referee stoppage

The match starts off fast and hard, Noir tries to play mind games to get under the skin of Moloney who doesn’t take kindly to it as he starts a vicious assault on the Progress Champion, with stiff shots and powerful blows Moloney looked to establish his dominance on Cara Noir. Moloney is unable to keep Cara Noir down he tries to stay calm but you could see the frustration was starting to build as Noir made his way back into the match. Noir just seemed to get stronger absorbing all the punishment that Moloney dished out, Noir would land some viscous strikes constantly chipping away at Moloney looking to out last the bruising brawler. Moloney goes for his Drilla finisher but Noir was able to reverse him and hits a crushing package pile-driver before locking in his black out sleeper, picking up the win due to referee stoppage as Moloney passes out.

This was great first show back for Progress, Roy Johnson did a great job as host and ring announcer, the commentary team of Hustle Malone and Charles Crowley really began to find the flow as show went on and will no doubt continue to improve show by show. All of the young competitors in Natural Progression gave a great showing, Ethan Allen and Luke Jacob really impressed and it will be great to see the tag partners clash against each other next week. The show started strong from the off and finished strong with excellent fatal 4 way to kick things off and truly amazing main event to finish the night. If this weeks show is anything to by next week show should be just as good, with all 7 competitors announced for the first ever women’s Thunderbastard match plus Chris Ridgeway vs Cara Noir as well as the conclusion of natural progression series there’s plenty to look forward to.

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