Kenny Omega Believes Triple H When He Says He’d Love To Do Business With AEW

Kenny Omega said he wanted to change the world of professional wrestling, and to date, he and the rest of All Elite Wrestling have. The promotion has not only partnered with Impact Wrestling instead of considering them rivals in addition to recently opening “the forbidden door” as they have revealed a partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

It seems the new forbidden door is now AEW and the WWE. As much as people would love that, there’s clearly lots of logistics and hurdles, though Kenny Omega doesn’t necessarily think that’s as big as some people think. Omega spoke with TalkSport about the potential of working with them, and considering Triple H said the WWE is open for business, Omega thinks Triple H is right. It just boils down to if Triple H is the only one making those decisions, or at least could put a lot of other important people in the WWE at ease.

“But from when I did speak at length with Triple H, it really felt like he understood a lot of my thought process and not only was I looking to unite and unify the world of professional wrestling and all of that, but he definitely got it.

The thing is, I also understand their side of things too. There’s no right or wrong way anymore in wrestling. To me, and it’s the outlook I take on everything, if we can make the fans enjoy what we do more, that’s the right way.

So when he does say things like he’s open for business, I do think if there is a situation which could maybe eliminate some of the worries and fears from the other people that have a say in making these things happen, I do see it being a reality.”

Omega also believes that Triple H genuinely makes decisions for the sake of fans, and as much as he’s willing to work and fight to make a partnership with the company happen, he’s perfectly aware that there’s a lot of people involved in making that decision that may not be as open as him or Triple H.

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