Jon Moxley Reveals His Long Term Plan To Have Eventually Teamed With Brodie Lee In AEW

One of the strengths of All Elite Wrestling is its tag team division. With the company actually caring about the division, it’s stacked with teams that are some of the best in the world, some of the top up and coming teams in wrestling, and new teams put together that are making their mark. Being part of a tag team in AEW isn’t a relegation, it’s a strong opportunity. Jon Moxley recognizes that and wants to be part of it. Unfortunately, the one partner he wanted he’ll never be able to work with.

Jon Moxley spoke to Metro recently, and he opened up about an idea he had about teaming with Brodie Lee. While it wasn’t something he wanted in the immediate future, it was a plan he had for AEW a few years down the line. Unfortunately, it will never come to light, but he was happy to share his feelings on the idea.

“I had an idea to eventually one day – I like tag team wrestling, you know? And there’s so many great tag teams here that I wanna get to work with. ‘But it’s like, OK, I’m gonna need a suitable partner, not just any random guy. I want a full, actual good tag team run with a good partner, make a real run at having a run in this tag division.”

“The guy I was thinking about doing it with was Brodie Lee. He was a good friend, and I wrestled him so many millions of times, our styles would have complemented each other very well.”

Moxley and Lee had a close friendship and the two had put on quite the violent match in AEW when Lee made a run at the AEW World Title. While Lee is gone, his memory lives on, especially as his friends continue to share stories and keep him close in their hearts.

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