Keith Lee Says He May Have Been Ribbed When Working With Vince McMahon As An Extra For WWE In 2009

Keith Lee’s career has taken him across the country, including a couple of failed WWE tryouts. However, during that time before making it big, Lee did have a moment in the WWE where he was an extra on an episode of Raw in March of 2009.

Lee was a member of security when Triple H along with Vince and Shane McMahon tried to get themselves at Legacy after to gain a measure of revenge. Lee spoke about this moment on his new WWE 24 special and how he may have been the victim of a rib when it came to selling for Vince McMahon.

“Someone came up to me and was like if you’re getting punched by Vince McMahon, you need to go down. I’m like, hey no problem! And I’m pretty sure that whoever that was played a joke on me because the moment that the McMahons came down and Vince McMahon jawed me and when I say he jawed me, he JAWED me. So I go down and he looks confused. Of course! Why would the 300-pound dude go down from one punch? And when they were done with the others, it was like there was no way we’re done with the big guy! So they picked me up and I was like ‘What did I do to deserve this?!'”

Lee obviously recovered just fine from what happened and even if it was a small stop on his road to eventually being one of the main attractions on Monday Night Raw, it was definitely a moment to remember for him on his road to being The Limitless One. You can watch the segment below.

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