The Good Brothers Say They Rejected Doing Talk ‘N Shop On The WWE Network

The WWE isn’t afraid to give their stars chances to add to their original programming on the WWE. Using their podcasts on the network, the WWE has given fans a chance to experience several of their podcasts.

One of those podcasts was almost Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows’ Talk ‘n Shop podcast.

The Cut Wrestling Podcast recently spoke to the tag team and they revealed that WWE tried to talk the duo into bringing Talk ‘N Shop onto the Network, but they wouldn’t have been allowed to have Rocky Romero on the show.

While admitting they weren’t crazy about the business end of the deal, Gallows also admitted that the podcast wouldn’t be the same without Romero. The duo declined the offer and retained power over their show.

“The truth of it is, WWE came to us and said they were going to have a podcast network and ‘we want to have [Corey] Graves, The New Day and you guys’ and we were like ‘Ehh, it’s not the same.’ Aside from not liking the business offer on it. It’s not the same. It’s not Talk ‘N’ Shop without [Rocky Romero] so we declined the offer on it. Then the pandemic started and we said, ‘Let’s just do it [ourselves] and see if it catches on that we’re actually doing it.’ Fast forward four weeks later we are out of WWE and now this thing takes on a life of its own and now here we are doing our second pay-per-view in over a few months’ span. It’s been pretty damn cool.”

Anderson then revealed how the WWE wanted to set up the podcast and eventually them declining the offer.

“WWE pulled us aside and said, ‘We want you to do a podcast. We will set you up in a room before Raw and we will have guests for you’ and we looked at them and said ‘Nah, f*ck that.’ [We responded with] ‘If you want us, you have to come to the hotel at 10:30 pm on the road, set everybody up with some wine and then we’ll do it’ and they agreed. Then they told us the money they wanted us to do it for and we were like, ‘Nope, we are out. Podcasting ain’t that fun.’”

Creative freedom can often be a sticking point for some people when it comes to handling how things are done. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson were adamant about retaining the freedom to do Talk ‘N Shop the way they wanted and now they have the freedom to handle things how they wish. You can watch the podcast below.

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