Controversial Will Ospreay Documentary Released On Amazon Prime In UK; Adds Disclaimer To Opening

In 2016, filmmaker Ryan Carse began work on a documentary about British professional wrestler Will Ospreay. In the years to come, Ospreay would become an international superstar and considered one of the best talents in the world. A Kickstarter was made and the project was funded.

Yesterday, Amazon Prime in the UK released the documentary for viewing, but it was not without controversy. The filmmakers have included a disclaimer at the beginning and offered a brief note to explain the disclaimer on Twitter.

We first began unofficially shooting for this project in 2014, when the professional wrestling landscape was a very different place. There was no AEW, no NXT:UK, and British wrestling was a veritable hotbed for talent that would soon capture the world’s attention.

Unfortunately, there was a much darker side to the industry that came to light this June as part of the #SpeakingOut movement. The bravery displayed by the victims to break their silence and stand up to their abusers as one was incredible to see and we’d be foolish not to address this.

With these new allegations coming to light, we made an updated cut to the documentary in June removing as many of those named as possible. However, due to the subject matter covered within the film, some of those named do remain in the final cut. We have included an advisory warning in the film and urge viewers to take caution before viewing.

The note from the filmmakers also note that they have decided to make the documentary free on Amazon Prime, as they have no desire to profit from the film. Revenue that comes to them through Ads on Amazon is something they cannot control and they will donate to selected charities, and go on to state they made a donation to The Survivors Trust upon the release of the statement.

Ospreay himself came under fire for allegedly taking part in blackballing a female wrestler who had accused one of his close friends of misconduct, though the accuser of that clarified their statement back in October.

Will Ospreay and his behavior, both well documented on Twitter and alleged, is a polarizing figure and the documentary should be an interesting look at the New Japan star.

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