IWL “Backtracks” On Ospreay Statement

Back in June 2020, IWL released a statement that heavily implied that due to actions by Will Ospreay, the wrestler Polyanna was removed from shows. The tweet they issued was very direct and out right blamed Ospreay for the outcome that occured.

IWL would take to Twitter to release a statement correcting that they now know it was due to venue issues and not due to actions of Ospreay.

Some fans didn’t take kindly to that reply and decided to challenge IWL in back and forth Tweets. The IWL openly stated that it was their opinion at the time, and now things have changed due to new information,

IWL tried to correct their mistake, but as we know the social media realm will target you for the mistakes you make. The abuse that was targeted at Ospreay has destroyed his character, amongst other instances, but hopefully this has at least corrected this one issue.

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