Colt Cabana Discusses His G1 Supercard Appearance In MSG And More

Colt Cabana recently held a podcast interview with Erik Novak from the ‘ALL Real Wrestling Podcast’, ARWP. Colt Cabana went into detail over his costume designs, G1 Supercard appearance and his favourite matches. You can tell that Colt has a strong infinity with wrestling, and it comes across in the passion behind his words.

Colt Cabana was first asked about his ring gear, and how much input he has in the design,

“I’ve been making my own gear for a long time…a lot of my gear is mine and some of mine I do outsource, so all my outfits aren’t made by me, but I’d say half of them. Then also you know all the match worn headbands I wear, those I make, all my headbands and a lot of the other stuff I make, but I do make a lot of my wrestling gear.

“Yeah, you know I very early I realized that you know I’d be, that it was hard to get somebody to make you gear, and also gear was expensive and especially early in my career I didn’t have any money really. I wanted to learn how to do it so I could. I knew wrestling was going to be a long-term thing for me, so I knew I would be having a lot of outfits over the years, so I just wanted to make sure I wanted to lower that price and have it available for me to have gear because I didn’t want to be at the back end of somebody else and a lot of people were.”

“You know even if it was just like help sewing up a hole in some gear that someone else made for me, you know because like at one point it was like well if this gear rips then you know there’s nothing I could do. I know how to sew, there is something I could do about it and I don’t have to wait five weeks to take it to somebody else. It is an important skill and people might not recognize when you look average but they recognize when your gear looks crap, so uh at the very least you want to, at least look average and at the most you want it to look unbelievable. I think I fall somewhere in the middle there, so I’ve always tried to have kind of some big colours or some fun colours to help me stand outa little.”

Colt Cabana was then asked about his favourite match and why it stood out as memorable,

“Sure, my fifth match ever I wrestled King Kong Bundy in a handicap match, it was me and a guy named “Downtown Bobo Brown”. We wrestled King Kong Bundy and I was only five matches into wrestling, it was that same summer I wrestled at Fort Atkinson. I just turned 19 years old and King Kong Bundy was a legend, somebody I grew up watching, somebody I idolized. Next thing you know, not only am I in a locker room with him, but he’s treating me as an equal and he’s very nice to me. Now I’m no longer on the side paying for a ticket, but I’m next to him, talking about the wrestling match that we’re going to have and so he was very nice, he was very kind and he was very giving. Just like the awe that I was in at that point, to be wrestling someone whose figure I had. I’ll never forget I gave him a dropkick and he kind of stumbled back and I was told that he really liked me because he stumbled back.”

Colt Cabana also wrestled in the G1 Supercard in MSG and the ALL IN PPV. Colt went into detail about his experience,

“Yeah it was, I mean it was amazing to be at Madison Square Garden and at that point I was a commentator for Ring Of Honor and I wanted to be a wrestler. I knew we were doing Madison Square Garden, so I kind of said something to the booker and I was like, hey, I should be able to do something here and they both agreed. So to be able to kind of see myself in the garden and call the matches in the garden, and also be able to take off the outfit and run into the ring, and then have the whole crowd start cheering for me; it was super exciting. You’ll see how excited I got, like Liger’s hitting me and I’m just like ignoring it because I’m soaking in everybody chanting my name. It was just incredible a great moment in my career.

Then ALL IN to, I played a big part in that Battle Royal. It was in Chicago in my hometown again. Crowd going crazy you know, I almost had a shot of winning it but, I recognized that day, and if you go back and listen to my podcast from the road diary series entitled ALL IN, I recognized how important that day was. It will be in the history of wrestling, you know 40-50 years from now I think. So I was just very glad to be a part of it and to be on the show with all of my friends who kind of helped change wrestling.”

H/T to Erik Novak from the ‘ALL Real Wrestling Podcast’, ARWP for the transcriptions. If you want to see the full interview then you can find it on the YouTube video below,

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