WWE Smackdown 09/25 Review & Recap

With the card set for Clash of Champions Gold Rush pay-per-view less than 48 hours away this edition of Smackdown was more of keeping things under control than building the card. While nothing happened that was major, a door was opened for one of the best segments of the year.

In the closing moments of Smackdown, Roman Reigns and Jey Uso stood right before each other as Roman tried to put Jey Uso in his place. Even though being told that Roman was the family’s main “provider” Uso refused to back down without asking, “Why not me?”

Read ahead for the full recap of this weeks Friday Night Smackdown.

Sami Zayne defs.AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy-Triple Threat Match

In the opening segment of Friday Night Smackdown, AJ Styles opens up walking to the ring followed by Sami Zayn and Jeff Hardy. Announcer Corey Graves explains what will happen in the “Belt Ascension” Ceremony. During the ceremony the three men tell each other why they deserve to be the rightful Intercontinental Champion come Clash of Champions on Sunday. As the titles are being raised Sami Zayn makes his presence known by pushing the ladder down onto Styles and Hardy.

Sami Zayn knocks ladder down on Styles and Hardy.

As Zayn is exiting the Thunderdome, happily caught in his ego, he’s stopped by Adam Pearce who declares a Triple Threat Match. During the Triple Threat Match, all men put up a great fight but Sami Zayn comes out on top. AJ Styles sets up for a phenomenal forearm, misses Sami Zayn and hits Jeff Hardy. Sami Zayn throws out Styles and pins Hardy.

Sami Zayne wins Triple Threat Match.

After the Triple Threat Match, Heavy Machinery were back stage digging deeper into the law suit filed against them. When Kayla Braxton asked Otis a question about the law suit, Miz and Morrison would interfere before Otis could answer. Miz would then try to confuse Otis but would fail. Tucker makes a valid point why the Miz is the only one listed on the lawsuit. With this piece of information Otis attacks Morrison and gets to ease his anger.

We then take a turn to the Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley. Bayley entered the ring with the same chair used to attack her former best friend Sasha Banks.

After a wild promo from Bayley, she now has her eyes set on her match against Nikki Cross at Clash of Champions. She asked her opponent to remember what she was willing to do to her friend.

Shinsuke Nakamura def.Gran Metalick

As we prepare for the Smackdown Tag Team Match at Clash of Champions, Gran Metalik faces Shinsuke Nakamura. Gran Metalik starts the match with an arm drag that throws Nakamura out of the ring. Metalick then attempted the suicide dive but Nakamura avoided and countered with an enzuguri. With Nakamura now in control, Metalick had to regroup and come up with another game plan to find an opening to counter. Metalick then goes over the top but that was not enough.

Nakamura finally decides to end the match with a Kinshasa and pins Gran Metalick for the win.

After an interesting slideshow from family members of Roman and Jey Uso, they explain the importance of the Samoan Dynasty and how dynamic it is. After, Jey Uso makes his way to the ring in hopes of getting answers from his cousin whom he will face at Clash of Champions for the Universal Championship. As the WWE Universe waited it was Paul Heyman answering the question explaining that the Big Dog would be making a statement but it would happen when he wanted to.

King Corbin def. Matt Riddle

The Bro that runs the show faced King Corbin in the final match of their feud.

Riddle started the match on fire as he came out of the corner. Both men exit to outside the ring until Corbin got back in to ambush his opponent. Riddle would then use his Ju-Jitsu moves to knock off Corbin and trap him in a kimura, but Corbin was too hard to knock off. Corbin would attempt a Turnbuckle Clothesline but Riddle was ready to counter with a Pele Kick. Riddle then threw Corbin over the commentary table.

Corbin and Riddle rolled back into the ring and Riddle starts to lock in multiple submissions. Even though Corbin was weakened he was still powerful.


The King of Bros was countered while trying to go for the Floating Bro, met a knee from Corbin followed by an End of Days and was then pinned.

Alexa Bliss vs Lacey Evans

The match opened up with Evans marching Bliss into a corner and continuing to wear her down.


The Sassy Southern Belle would then hit Alexa and lay her down on the mat. When Bliss was attempting to get back up, The Fiend’s laughter filled the Thunderdome and made his presence felt. Evans would then take control for the next few minutes including a nice slingshot drop kick forcing Bliss to the ground. Alexa would then take back control of the match until she hesitates which would allow Evans to take back control. Evans went for a moonsault and missed.

The Fiend would then make his presence known again as he called to Alexa Bliss and sent her down to attack Evans with a Sister Abigail.


Even though no one won the match, Alexa Bliss stood victorious. While Alexa Bliss was making he exit, The Big Dog entered the arena. Alexa Bliss stared at Reigns behind his back for a few minutes before continuing backstage.

Reigns stood in the ring, addressing the WWE Universe when Jey Uso entered the arena. Roman explained that he is the tribal leader of the Samoan Dynasty and he’s the one that provides for the family. He tried to explain why Jey would never be the “tribal leader” and then exited the ring heading backstage. Jey Uso would not let his cousin leave without declaring that he would become the new Universal Champion come Clash of Champions with one last question, “Why can’t it be me?”

When Jey Uso was making his exit he was blind sided by Reigns with a Superman punch. Reigns would then press the title close to Jey Uso and explained that he will show up and collect payment.

And that is how the episode closed out. Roman stood tall over Jey Uso as we head into Clash of Champions, this Sunday on the WWE Network.

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