Colt Cabana Discusses AEW And Working With Brodie Lee And The Dark Order

Colt Cabana continued his recent interview with Erik Novak from the ‘ALL Real Wrestling Podcast’, ARWP. Cabana discussed signing with AEW, and how his relationship with Brodie Lee and The Dark Order has developed. Colt Cabana also discussed who he would love to fight with once the pandemic is over.

Cabana first discussed if he would return to NJPW once the pandemic is over and travel is allowed again,

“I am allowed to do overseas international shows, so you know once everything kind of starts getting going if it does, I look forward to going back and tagging with Yano and you know that will be part of the plan so it should be exciting.”

Colt Cabana then went on to discuss his relationship with Brodie Lee and The Dark Order,

“Well in storyline terms, I came in kind of hot and then I started losing a couple of matches. Whether it was Kip Sabian or Jericho or Sammy, and you know, at the end of the day, I’m still a high-profile. It took years to get to that point where the crowd kind of accepts you like that and they have accepted me like that. So the Dark Order thing was that they were taking the wrestlers who were maybe losing a little bit, and kind of telling them that they can win. So that’s kind of been Uno and Stu’s big thing and of course Brodi Lee who is the exalted one. So they’ve been courting me a little bit and I think its been an important part of the show, and important part of storytelling. A lot of people are still unsure whether I’m in the Dark Order maybe yourself included, and that’s kind of the greatness of telling stories while in professional wrestling.”

Colt Cabana then discussed who he would love to wrestle with in the future,

“Well I never wrestled Kenny Omega, I guess I’ll give some AEW names because that’s where I’m at right now and that’s probably the most realistic. So I’ve never wrestled Kenny Omega and it’s a match that I’ve always wanted to have. Now I am more of a DDT Kenny Omega fan as opposed to a New Japan Kenny Omega fan which I don’t think a lot of people say, but that’s the Kenny Omega that I like so I’d like to wrestle Kenny Omega and then maybe even a tag team and you know I’ve never wrestled Ortiz and Santana.”

H/T to Erik Novak from the ‘ALL Real Wrestling Podcast’, ARWP. If you want to see the full interview then you can find it on the YouTube video below,

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