What’s Next for the Hurt Business?

MVP and Bobby Lashley have been running roughshod over the RAW brand as of late, rehabbing their image and creating a group that now includes the 24/7 Champion Shelton Benjamin known as the Hurt Business. As of right now the Hurt Business has their sights set on ruining the careers and kicking the asses of current United States Champion Apollo Crews, along with anyone who would dare stand up for him, in a bid to relieve him of his Championship. Of course this conflict didn’t start over nothing, MVP had generously offered Apollo a place by his side and to mentor him to greatness, the same offer was reached out to Apollo’s friends, all of them threw it back in his face. Now with Lashley and Benjamin both by his side and the group looking to expand their dominance across the brand, even seeking advice from legend and former Nation of Domination Leader Ron Simmons, today we take a look at some ideas as to what could be next for the Hurt Business. (and business is GOOD!)

MVP and the king of NXT

It’s no secret that MVP has his sights set on black talent and giving them a spotlight under the Hurt Business banner. Everyone he has tried to recruit so far from Apollo to Ricochet to Cedric Alexander have fit that bill (Thorne and Vink, who are they?). Some have been champions, some have been down on their luck and struggling for TV time but regardless MVP wants to make their stars greater. Someone who has climbed to the top of his respective brand all by himself is the current NXT Champion Keith Lee. There is no doubt in my mind that MVP would like nothing more to add Lee to his roster of clients in the Hurt Business. Lee IS a star in his own right but I’m sure MVP believes that he has the tools to keep him on top and burning bright. Do I think he’d accept in the immediate? Of course not, however this could be the perfect opening to a feud with the group down the line and a match with Bobby Lashley. There’s no way these two would not put on an absolute BIG BOI barnburner together that would have a lot of fans, including myself, very interested in seeing how it all goes down. MVP would also be able to play this off as him bringing championship opportunities to Lashley so really it’s a no-lose situation for him. As well as that, perhaps down the line when things pile up on Keith Lee and the going gets too tough? He could always make a deal with the sharply dressed devil MVP and finally turn to the Hurt Business to secure his championship reign. The heat of that heel turn would be something that would have to be seen to be believed.


Personally I think a well rounded stable in the modern era should always contain at least one bad-ass female talent and as far as how the Hurt Business seems to operate? I think Naomi would be the perfect addition to the group at this point. We’ve seen a groundswell of support for Naomi recently on social media with fans demanding more for the Queen of Glow and some backlash to the #NaomiDeservesBetter hashtag from WWE Hall of Famer Booker T causing controversy. I think now would be the perfect time for MVP to swoop in and make Naomi an offer she can’t refuse, him mentoring her all the way to the top of the Women’s Division and letting the whole world know that #NaomiHasEarnedIt. With MVP and the boys there having her back and telling the world to show some respect on the microphone and her kicking ass and taking names like she does in the ring? I can’t see it taking too long for her to climb back up the ranks and claim the top prize of the Women’s Division. Many have spoken about a tag team joining the ranks of the Hurt Business but perhaps a Women’s Tag Team would work just as well? Off the top of my head a Team B.A.D callback with Sasha Banks and Naomi joining MVP together, finally pulling the trigger on the Sasha and Bayley split with Bank’s taking the Women’s Tag Championships with her, would be a shocking and entertaining move and a HUGE feather in the cap of the Hurt Business.

The Hurt will set Truth free!

Now that Apollo Crews has Ali, Cedric and Ricochet on his side the numbers game has swung in the favour of the babyfaces that the Hurt Business are currently feuding with. If you add in former 24/7 Champion R-Truth who Shelton Benjamin just mugged for the 24/7 Championship with MVP’s help? That’s a 5 on 3 advantage. To me an out-manned heel stable just doesn’t work, they should always have the numbers game on their side. However people are hungry to see R-Truth finally kick some of his comedy antics and add a more ruthless and killer instinct to his character, maybe joining the babyfaces isn’t the best way to go? Instead of fighting against the Hurt Business and trying to get his 24/7 Championship back now would be the time for R-Truth to realise that he’s still full of potential and MVP and the Hurt Business can bring that out of him and lead him to newfound success. It would be so cathartic to so many long time fans of Truth to see him stick it to Apollo Crews, officially costing him the US Championship to either MVP or Lashley and then taking that momentum and setting his sights on the WWE Championship and Drew McIntyre. Many hardcore wrestling fans know Truth is capable of being a top guy, he’s a former multiple time NWA World Champion and not only that he has successfully gone toe to toe with men like Triple H and CM Punk. He takes to everything he does like a duck to water and gives it his all, that’s exactly the man that the Hurt Business could use within their ranks.  R-Truth is a rapper, he’s got style and he knows what it’s like to be BALLIN’, could MVP really ask for a better fourth? I don’t think so.

Thank you all for joining me here on BodySlam.Net to find out what I think could be next for the Hurt Business in the WWE. Make sure to follow me over on Twitter @ChatChatterson and let me know what you think of the ideas presented here and of course to let me know some of your own ideas for MVP and his boys going forward. We could see some of these set in motion as soon as this coming Monday so don’t sleep and make your voice heard.

God bless.

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