Exclusive: WWE Hits The Revival With Cease And Desist

Former WWE Superstars The Revival – Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, now known as Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood – #FTR, were recently hit with a cease and desist letter over the usage of “Fear The Revolt” from a North Carolina based tag team known as The Revolt.

But that isn’t the only cease and desist letter Wheeler and Harwood have been hit with lately.

We had previously exclusively reported on WWE’s plans for The Revival prior to their exit from the company, as the two were to have been repackaged and made into a comedy team. The two have since acknowledged the report when it was brought up on as part of their interview on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast. They even put out a shirt featuring one of the images on a shirt that was available for purchase on their Pro Wrestling Tee’s store.

However, many of you may have noticed that shirt is no longer featured in their PWTee’s store. You can see a screen grab of the shirt online to purchase prior to it’s removal below.

The reason you can’t buy that shirt any more is because Wheeler and Harwood were hit with another cease and desist letter, this time from WWE over the image being used on the shirt. The letter claimed that WWE owned the rights to the image, even though some edits had been made featuring #FTR on Wheeler’s Flava-Flav Style clock necklace, instead of The Revival.

The two are received the letter about two week’s ago, which is about the same time that the shirt was removed from their online store.

I reached out to the two for comment on WWE’s cease and desist letter, but did not receive any response to the situation.

We will keep you updated if we hear anything more about the cease and desist letter WWE sent FTR, or if we hear anything about their future plans following their WWE releases.

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