With everyone worried if Wrestlemania gets canceled, is anyone worried about the Hall of Fame ceremony?

One of the big things going on right now is the spread of the coronavirus and the events it has been affecting. ROH had to cancel their anniversary show, WWE had to hold Smackdown and RAW in the Performance Center with no fans, and New Japan Pro Wrestling in Japan had to cancel everything in the month of march and cancel their anniversary show and the New Japan Cup tournament.


One of the events that is on everyone’s mind that hasn’t been announced yet but it still up in the air is Wrestlemania itself. The show is set to take place on April 5th from Tampa Bay Florida. However, with things around the world being up in the air and things are being delayed and canceled, there is a rumor running through every wrestling fans head that Wrestlemania this year may do the same and not happen on April 5th whether it is pushed back to a later date or even flat out canceled outright.

Are the fans actually warranted there?

There is a part of that whole weekend that may not be as affected though. The event typically takes place the night before and that is the ceremony for the 2020 Hall Of Fame. So far they have announced Batista, The Bella Twins, The NWO, JBL, Davey Boy Smith, Jushin “Thunder” Liger, and maybe some more will be announced if things do not get canceled first. So far the event is scheduled for the Amalie Arena on that Thursday, April 2nd. Typically these legends come out on stage and tell a bunch of stories of their days as Wrestlers or whatever and accept there Hall of Fame ring in front of a bunch of fans. Most of the time the crowd of fans is warm in their reception.

But not only has the recent Smackdown and RAW events have shown, but those NXT award shows the WWE does at the end of the year have shown that the fans aren’t really needed for those types of shows either. Sure it would kind of suck to have the NWO or whoever go into the Hall of Fame without a crowd cheering them on, but for the awards show, do they need them?

Some of the inductions in recent years haven’t exactly gone smoothly thanks to the fans involvement. Memories of the horrible incident when a goofball fan jumped up and tackled Bret Hart during the Hart Foundation induction or the booing that happened during the Bob Backlund induction from Maria Menounos come to mind.

Can’t blame the boos for him!

Hell, I remember back when the fans in attendance weren’t exactly gracious to when the WWE decided to induct Drew Carey. Granted the reactions they gave weren’t disagreed with by fans around the world, but still. If fans are going to boo people like that at the Hall Of Fame ceremony, Do we really need them?

And with the prices that WWE is asking for just for them to be there, do fans really want to be at the show, to begin with? Do you want to spend a couple of hundred bucks just to go to the Hall of Fame ceremony for people like Batista or the Bella Twins? I don’t have that kind of money so will probably stay at home and watch that. And with the attitude about people gathering in groups like that, it is probably better off. Not like I was planning to make the trip down to Florida for Wrestlemania anyway.