AEW and their lack of managers

I’m not the biggest fan of AEW or their show on Wednesday nights but I was watching the show and wondering if things would improve any with some managers around ringside?

No one like him.

Now when I say that I mean people like Bobby Heenan or Jimmy Hart or someone like that, someone to act as the brains behind a group of guys with some goal in mind.

AEW does have some groups like Chris Jericho’s crew of guys but they seem pleased with just having Jake Hagar standing around ringside during their matches and look threatening. Brandi Rhodes has her own thing going on but that just seems like more of an excuse to get the wife of the company big shot on TV more than anything. In both cases, AEW is almost there but misses the mark on it. Dare I say that comes up a lot with AEW.

For a company that makes it a point to tell people how “not like the WWE” they are with a lot of things, they sure seem to be taken in the WWE’s lead and not bothering with managers. The WWE doesn’t have them with the proposed idea that they will just be an extra expense and Vince wants to focus more on people that can actually wrestle and “entertain” without the help of a manger to speak or do things for them. What’s AEWs excuse? 

Remember that idea?

Who would fill these roles? Well, AEW has tried before. Remember Tully Blanchard managing Shawn Spears? They didn’t really do much with that idea. Arn Anderson? He kind of manages Rhodes or something. I’m not even sure they know what is going on there. How about someone who isn’t one of the guys Dusty Rhodes fought with back in the day? How hard would it be to get someone to play a character to manage a group of people? But with all the things that AEW has done so far, how long would they have them before they forgot what they were doing and changed their minds on the person and had them as Cody’s butt kisser like everyone else seems to be?

Or it would be easier for me to just cut my losses and not watch the show anymore. There is an idea too.