Wrestling and 2020

Another year of wrestling has ended. A new year in wrestling means infinite posibilites for the business of profesional wrestling. All promotions will take the year of 2020 as a new opportunity to grow and improve.

More focus on women’s wrestling

2019 was a historic year for women’s wrestling. Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey were part of the first ever female WrestleMania main event. NXT had an amazing year for their women’s division and 2020 looks to be an even better year for the yellow and black brand.

AEW will take 2020 as an opportunity to improve in a lot of ways their growing women’s division.

2019 was the year of the underrated Tessa Blanchard. In 2020 Tessa will finally become the first woman to win the IMPACT World Championship.

STARDOM will be featured in a dark match in NJPW’s biggest show of the year, Wrestle Kingdom. This could be the beginning of a great partnership for both promotions, but specially for STARDOM,that will take advantage of NJPW’s platform.

Growth for Tag Team Wrestling

WWE’s terrific booking of tag team wrestling has brainwashed people into believing that tag team wrestling does not matter. Thanks to the work of promotions like ROH, IMPACT and most recently AEW, people are paying attention to tag team wrestling again.

NXT and NJPW need to improve big time their current tag team divisions and all indications point that NJPW will go that direction, while NXT does not appear to be heading into that direction for the immediate future.

The Wednesday Night War Will Get More Intense

The Wednesday night war between AEW and NXT has produced some of the best wrestling TV on a short period of time. 2020 will be the year when this war gets more intense from both sides.

The real winners of this war getting more intense is of course the fans that get to enjoy great wrestling every week.


All wrestling fans want for AEW and NJPW to work their differences aside and to star a working relationship. A recent comment of Tanahashi and NJPW acknowledging AEW opens this door.

NJPW no longer has TV in the US, and AEW is the best option to help them in this department. NJPW’s US expansion its in a weird place and will make things difficult them to promote their shows outside of their streaming service and attracting new fans.

2020 will be the year that determined in what direction the relationship between both promotions will be once and for all.

The Redemption of IMPACT

IMAPCT had for the most part a terrible decade, but the last years the product has improved big time. 2020 might be the year people finally give IMPACT another chance.

IMPACT has a consistent product, with stars like Cage, Tessa Blanchard and Sami Callahan leading the way.


The NWA product its a great callback to 80s “rasslin”. Their YouTube show its gaining popularity with wrestling fans. 2020 is going to a year of growth for this promotion.

NWA has an interesting product to offer in comparison to other promotions and this helps in a lot of ways. 2020 could also be the year this promotion gets a TV contract.