King’s Top 5 Moments For AEW Dynamite 1/1/2020

Welcome, everyone to a brand-new year and decade and a huge night of pro wrestling! Tonight Darby Allin and Cody have their highly-anticipated rematch, The Elite takes on the team of The Lucha Bros & PAC, and last but certainly not least a fatal-four-way match for the AEW Women’s Championship! 

5. Fatal-4-Way For The AEW Women’s Championship 

Riho successfully defended her AEW Women’s Championship in a fatal four-way match against Hikura Shida, Nyla Rose, and Britt Baker. After weeks of being left off television, Riho was finally given some of the spotlight. All four women delivered a great high-octane match while the monstrous Rose picked her spots obliterating anyone in her path. 

Even though next week Riho will defend her title against the number-one contender Kris Statlander, the ending where she stole the victory from Britt Baker suggests that she has another challenger. Baker also berated the champion for not showing up every week in a backstage segment while claiming that Riho doesn’t deserve to be the AEW Women’s Champion. 

4. Jon Moxley vs. Trent/Inner Circle Segment

I have to be honest, I felt like this was going to be a typical squash match for Mox but it turned out to be a great contest. Trent has impressed me tremendously with his guts and determination. He endured a ton of punishment from Mox even eating a nasty Paradigm Shift on the stage. 

The whole segment with The Inner Circle continuing to coerce Mox into joining the faction is awesome. Le Champion Chris Jericho bribing him with the expensive and badass Ford car and 40% of their assets are so cheesy it’s hilarious. Dean (I mean Mox) has only joined one group and he’s not making it a second. I’m expecting a four-on-one beatdown next week after Mox gives his expected answer to their lucrative offer. 

3. Cody vs. Darby Allin

The entire crowd was red-hot for this match from the very beginning all the way down to the end which made it feel so special. Since their first encounter ended in a no contest, there had to be a winner tonight. Both superstars started off with high-octane offense with counters and reversals which garnered a round of applause. 

The longer the match went on, the darker Allin got. We definitely saw glimpses of a vindictive and ruthless Allin after he was unable to put Cody away. The young up-and-coming superstar had the match won until the new AEW enforcer Arn Anderson advised Cody to block the Coffin Drop with knees to secure the victory! This was such an amazing match. There must be a third with that finish.

2. The Elite Are Back But Not Hangman Page!

Tonight’s main event saw The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega join forces to take on The Lucha Bros & PAC in a high-octane and very physical match. The more I watch Pentagon Jr. and Fenix the more I am convinced that they are the future. Both of them are so incredibly talented and captivating. 

On the flip side, Matt & Nick Jackson never cease to amaze me with their high-octane offense and the crowd clearly loves them. Omega and Fenix’s chop-fest was hard to listen to let alone watch. I can’t wait to see Omega and PAC battle again in their highly anticipated rematch. 

I am more intrigued about, is Hangman Page not celebrating with The Elite after showing signs of a heel turn. I’m more convinced now more than ever, that Page is going to viciously attack Omega during their tag team match next week. Which will kickstart into a blockbuster match for Revolution!

  1. Maxwell Jacob Friedman 

MJF is amazing, I can’t say that enough. He’s the best heel in the business right now and he deserves a damn Oscar. His mic work is stellar and the way he trashes the crowd is hilarious. He has IT. If you can’t tell I’m a big fan of his. 

You already knew that the stipulations would be outrageous for Cody to overcome just to get his hands on him. I am looking forward to their match at Revolution but I’m more excited about when MJF wins a championship because he is going to be a major player for AEW! 

Those are my top five moments from this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite. They definitely kicked off 2020 with a BANG and I am very excited about what’s to come. I would love to hear your thoughts on the show.