The Coronation For The Scottish Psychopath

King: The Coronation For The Scottish Psychopath

The WWE Championship is back on Monday Night Raw, and Brock Lesnar can’t stay champion forever. Another superstar has reemerged after a terrible year so far and that man is Drew McIntyre. McIntrye vs. Lesnar would be a fantastic match at WrestleMania 36 and “The Scottish Psychopath” should be the one to dethrone “The Beast Incarnate.” 

Two very important events happened this week in WWE. The WWE Champion Brock Lesnar quit Friday Night SmackDown to get his revenge against Rey Mysterio on Raw, and “The Scottish Psychopath” Drew McIntyre delivered a great performance at Crown Jewel

Now that “The Beast Incarnate” has brought the WWE Championship with him over to Monday nights, the question pertains to who should dethrone him? I believe the answer to this question is Drew McIntrye. If there’s one superstar who is in dire need of a reset, it’s him. 

On the April 16, 2018 episode of Raw dubbed the Superstar Shakeup, Dolph Ziggler was drafted back to the red brand but he didn’t come alone. “The Scottish Psychopath” made his long-awaited return to the main roster, and the dangerous duo laid waste to Titus Worldwide with a devastating Claymore Kick and Zig-Zag combo. The following week, both McIntrye and Ziggler began to pick up speed with their first victory over Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews. 

Throughout the summer, “The Show-off” entered into a bitter rivalry with then-WWE Intercontinental Champion The Shield’s Seth Rollins and McIntrye would portray the role of a scary bodyguard. Things really didn’t pick up for McIntrye until late August, when”The Show” (Ziggler and McIntrye) would join forces with”The Monster Among Men”Braun Strowman. The dangerous trio was dubbed”The Dogs of War,”after Strowman’s failed Money in the Bank cash-in on Roman Reigns on the Raw after SummerSlam. 

Strowman was about to cash-in on Reigns to capture the Universal Championship when Rollins and the recently-returned Dean Ambrose came out for the save donned in their Shield attire. Which prompted The Monster Among Men’s abrupt heel turn during a tag team match with the Universal Champion ahead of their Hell in a Cell match.

On the September 3, 2018, episode of Raw, Ziggler, and McIntrye defeated The B-Team to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions living up to their promise since returning in April. During this time, The Show would play a major role in the Universal Title picture between Strowman and Reigns. 

At the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, both teams Ziggler and McIntrye and Ambrose and Rollins would interfere at the end of the match with several brawls all around the cell and even crashing through the announce table. The Dogs of War would continue their feud with The Shield until Reigns relinquished the Universal Championship on October 28th. On the same night in the main event, Ziggler and McIntrye would lose the Tag Team Titles to Ambrose and Rollins. Moments later, Ambrose turned on his Shield-mate which made little sense for The Show. 

Both Ziggler and McIntrye would compete in the 5-on-5 Survivor Series Traditional Elimination Match and Team Raw were victorious. A few months later, The Scottish Psychopath” turned on Ziggler claiming he was dead weight and holding him back and proceeded to beat the holy hell out of him. 

In my opinion, on the road to WrestleMania 35 was when McIntrye started this downward spiral into a horrible 2019. During February and March, McIntrye wrestled some fantastic matches against Ziggler, Ambrose, and even Rollins. However, after The Big Dog made his triumphant return from battling leukemia things went horribly wrong for The Scottish Psychopath. At Mania, McIntrye and Reigns faced off in a brutal battle but just like many expected The Big Dog defeated McIntrye.

Following this devastating loss, McIntrye was then inserted into “The Best in the World” Shane McMahon’s vendetta with the new face of SmackDown Live: Roman Reigns. I felt like The Scottish Psychopath portrayed the role of Corporate hitman perfectly but unfortunately, the entire story was based around Shane. 

The Scottish Psychopath and The Big Dog clashed once again at Stomping Grounds but Reigns got another win over his rival. At SummerSlam, Shane and McIntrye battled The Undertaker and Reigns in an anything goes match where the heels were defeated and most importantly McIntrye’s badass character was absolutely murdered. 

After a hiatus, McIntrye was drafted to Raw as part of the WWE Draft and made his return on the October 21st episode of Raw announced as the final member of Team Flair. He then had a great match against Team Hogan’s Ricochet and finally began his climb back to the top of the food chain. 

Since then, The Scottish Psychopath has picked up some major wins and starting to gain some momentum. Another intriguing piece to the puzzle is that the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar has returned to Raw. Right now, “The Beast Incarnate” is involved in a bitter rivalry with Rey Mysterio, but Rey doesn’t feel like the one to dethrone Lesnar. 

So it got me thinking, who should be the one to dethrone the WWE Champion? Who would gain the most momentum: Drew McIntyre. At this year’s Mania, WWE squandered a huge opportunity for The Scottish Psychopath making his way back up into the main event title picture all to put Reigns over for a feel-good moment. At the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, McIntrye needs to be the winner and go on to challenge Lesnar for the WWE Championship. 

McIntrye is the perfect superstar that can match Lesnar not only by strength but also by freakish agility. Defeating The Beast Incarnate on the Grandest Stage of Them All will do wonders for McIntrye’s WWE career and put him back on the right track.

If WWE hadn’t fumbled the ball when it came to him this year perhaps he would be the Universal Champion at this point in time. If the powers to be, have any faith left in The Scottish Psychopath then they need to start turning things around for one of the most dominant superstars in quite some time. The first step to this process must begin at next year’s Royal Rumble and culminate at the Show of Shows! 


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