Week 2 Analysis of Wednesday Night Dynamite

Another solid episode of Wednesday Night Dynamite just ended, and the fans are hyped about what they saw and improved in a lot of ways from the previous week.

More promos and Video packages

Last week one of the biggest criticism was the lack of promos and video packages the show had, but this week AEW had a great video package to introduce the Young Bucks Vs Private Party match.

Jimmy Havoc also had a short promo before his bout against Darby Allin for an opportunity to face Jericho next week for the AEW championship, but the promo of the night came from Chris Jericho.

Match of the night: Young Bucks Vs Private Party

The opener of Dynamite and the first match of the tag team tournament was an unbelievable bout. The chemistry between both teams was their and The Bucks did all in their power to make Private Party to look like major stars.

This was with no doubts was the biggest win in Private Party’s career and their victory made them look strong , and the fact they are so young and they will improve over time is what makes this tag team so impressive.

The Inner Circle

The Inner circle composed of Jericho, Hager, Ortiz, Santana and Guevara are the newest faction in AEW and their booking this week was a strong and with a win on the main event.

Like i mentioned before, Chris Jericho delivered a contender for best promo of the year, were Jericho put over his fellow Inner Circle friends and buried “bad creative” after the crowd chanted “We the people” to Jake Hager.

Building to future Storylines

Another big critic AEW had last week was the lack of build for feuds, but this week AEW delivered big time in this department.

The Moxley-Omega Feud had a moment to tease a brawl between the two but PAC attacked Omega before anything could happen, and this makes things interesting and unpredictable.

The build of this Inner Circle-The Elite feud is interesting to see and how they interact with each other. During the attack of Inner Circle to The Elite we saw a tease of MJF turning on Cody.

Man of the night: Darby Allin

Darby Allin night was outstanding, he had a solid match with Havoc, but most importantly he attacked Jericho after main event ended and made him look like a major star tonight and a future main eventer.