Paige Faces Backlash Over Boyfriends Video Portraying Mexican Stereotypes

Even though Paige is recovering from surgery, that doesn’t mean she is out of the public eye. With social media being a constant force in people’s lives, it’s hard for celebrities to leave the limelight, unless they choose to. Earlier in the week Paige’s boyfriend Ronnie Radke was the center of controversy after Paige posted a video of Ronnie acting like a ‘cholo’.

Ronnie responded to fan backlash with this post.

Paige attempted to defend Ronnie’s actions in the video that Paige recorded and can be heard laughing in, by tweeting this

Zelina Vega is of Puerto Rican descent and quote tweeted Paige saying this

This is quite surprising as Zelina lost her father in the September 11th attacks. The same attacks that Ronnie Radke used as the basis for a joke he posted on memorial day years ago.


On October 7th, Paige said she was leaving Twitter after so much backlash, but returned to the platform on October 8th.

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