Joey Ryan And Sienna Discuss Consent During Dick Flip

Joey Ryan is one of the more controversial figures in wrestling. Joey has been wrestling for over a decade but within the last 5 years he really hit his stride as a famous dick wrestler.

Being a dick wrestler means Joey centers most of his matches on getting his opponents to touch his dick. Once the opponent grabs Joey’s junk, his penis somehow grips back on the opponents hand, sending such strength from the penis to the hand that the opponent drops to their knees in pain. After three good pumps Joey’s penis flips the opponent onto their back.

Usually this spot works when Joey yells “Touch My Dick!” Sometimes forcing the opponents hand to his penis. This can irk some people, especially when it comes to inter gender wrestling. Forcing a person or coercing a person to touch ones genitalia is not something anyone should do ever.

At a Greektown Wrestling show, Joey Ryan and NWA Women’s Champion Sienna engaged in a wrestling match. Joey tried forcing Sienna’s hand to touch his dick but Sienna pulled her hand away and paused the match so she could give a public service announcement on consent.

I just think that what matters is to focus on two consenting adults

You should never force someone to do something, you should never coerce someone to do something.

You should not shame people if they are consenting adults

Sienna had said, during her minute or so long in ring promo.

Joey thought about what sienna said and replied

Would you like to touch my penis?

Sienna consented, grabbed Ryan’s dick, and to her dismay the strength of his penis brought her to her knees like so many opponents before.

This was a fantastic take on the dick flip spot and a very important discussion to have, given the “woke” culture that we are in now.

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