The Paul Heyman Effect

Paul Heyman in just a few months has change the way people look at RAW. fans are now enjoying RAW every week and has become a good and consistent show to watch every Monday night.

More Focus on Wrestling

Ever since Heyman was named executive director of RAW, the red brand has given a lot of focus to great matches and giving them a good amount of time for fans to enjoy every Monday.

This change has allowed wrestlers like Gable,Ricochet and Alexander to connect with people with their in ring abilities, while also hiding their weakness like promos.

The quality of matches has improves so much that even people that hated Baron Corbin have been praising his latest performances in the ring.

A More Diverse Cast

With Heyman taking control of RAW, we’ve seen a lot of talented wrestlers have some TV. Heyman giving opportunities to wrestlers like AOP, Street Profit ,Alexander, and many others to show some of their talents on TV in very different ways like on segments or matches.

The use of Bray Wyatt and The Fiend has been phenomenal so far and Heyman has not over expose this great character and leaves fans wanting for more.

Heyman has manged to use a great amount of talent from the huge roster WWE currently has at its disposal and shows what a fantastic work he’s doing so far as executive director of RAW.

Good Tempo

3 hours are just every hard to watch, but ever since Heyman has been in charge, we’ve seen how people are no longer feeling tired after watching 3 hours of RAW.

The current structure of the show allows for the fans to enjoy matches and funny to serious segments every Monday. The show can slow down at certain segments to allow fans to take a break after a good match or entertaining segment.