205 Live Recap: Episode 148

Last week on 205 Live: Lince Dorado beat Ariya Daivari to cap off their months long feud. Lince proved that he still wants to be in Lucha House Party, I guess. Brian Kendrick turned heel and beat up on Akira Tozawa and Jack Gallagher with a kendo stick. Oney Lorcan almost beat Tony Nese but Drew Gulak came out to cause a distraction to cost Oney the match. Tony Nese’s gimmick “Drew Gulak’s friend”.

Cold Open

We start with highlights from NXT! Oney Lorcan and Lio Rush in their number one contender match for Drew Gulak’s cruiserweight championship. Then we see Drew Gulak talking about how it doesn’t matter how impressive Lio is, Drew is constantly evolving and adapting. Drew then turns his promo on Lio into a promo on Oney Lorcan. It’ll be Oney orcan and Danny Burch vs. Drew Gulak and Tony Nese.

The Singh Brothers cut one of their Bollywood Productions promo. They are like the Street Profits of 205 Live. The Greek Chorus, except they only get one segment. The Singh’s havent wrestled for a while but they still call themseles the greatest tag team in 205 Live.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Angel Garza

  • As Angel walks down the aisle, he lets a woman kiss him on the cheek. The woman lights up and immediately turns to her husband and kisses him.
  • This match is because Carrillo tweeted Angel Garza happy birthday. Garza says they are cousins and just sending a tweet is offensive. Aiden English then goes off on a rant about everything he’d buy Humberto Carrillo if it were Humberto’s birthday.
  • Dio and Vic Joseph are trying to talk about the match and the story of the match, but thirsty Aiden starts talking about wanting to get Humberto video games so English could “play with him” then says something like “and he could watch me play with him”. It’s very overt.
  • Angel Garza does his “take his pants off” spot and you can audibly hear the crowd react. Aiden then talks about how Nigel McGuiness has fainted at home. Many fans in the crowd appeared to be happy.
  • Angel stopping playing around and got really vicious when attacking Humberto’s knee. Garza even does a Goldust inspired “shattered dreams” in the corner, but dropkicks Carrillo’s knee instead of his crotch.
  • The crowd is very receptive to this match. When Carrillo starts his comeback the crowd makes some noise, louder than the crowd last week. Some fans even stoop up and clapped when Carrillo dove to the outside.
  • Commentary reminds us that Carrillo has only been pinned twice in the last six months. They then talk about how Garza is hungrier because he hasn’t been here as long, that Garza knows Carrillo better than anyone because they are family.
  • The match hits act three and both superstars are doing the same moves, the are countering one another and thinking the same thing. They both get taken out with a duel crossbodies and the crowd breaks out in applause as both men lay on the ground.
  • The pace really has picked up and the moves are higher risk and higher impact. Carillo ends up winning the match with an Aztec press and the crowd stood up and applauded.

And I’m Like… What a fantastic match, from the wrestlers to commentary to crowd reaction. This match just clicked so well. As Humberto was celebrating, Aiden started talking about the birthday gifts he would get Carrillo. Dio and Vic simultaneously yell “IT IS NOT HIS BIRTHDAY!!”

A recap and interview of The Brian Kendrick turning heel. He dropped the first part of his name. He is just Brian Kendrick now. Brian says there is an epidemic of disrespect in 205 Live. Kendrick says he booted down the door for the roster in 205 Live. No Kendrick, no 205. Brian Kendrick says he hasn’t had a championship match in three years and he is a former champion. He is going to remind everyone what respect looks like.

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. Drew Gulak and Tony Nese

  • I really miss watching Burch and Lorcan wrestle. At one time they were on NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live in the same month and just tearing it up everywhere they wrestled.
  • Tony Nese has gone from counting his abs to making his boobies dance. Quite the character change for the man to be honest.
  • A small “one, two” chant for Oney and Danny. It’s because Burch and Lorcan make their entrance with Oney holding one finger up and Danny Burch holding up two fingers.
  • Commentary tells us that Oney and Danny looked at their fists today and said Drew and Nese are gonna get hit with some “spicy meatballs”. Commentary then tell us the story of how Burch and Lorcan formed as a team and what they are about. While Burch and Gulak continue the feeling out process, commentary then explains the history between Gulak and Nese. Real good shit here.
  • Lorcan and Burch are instituting quick tags and double team moves to wear Gulak down. It’s surprising to see Gulak being the one taking all the heat. I imagine this match to be pretty long if the shine portion of the match is still going on five minutes in.
  • Drew ends up tagging Nese as Burch tags Lorcan, after some fooling around, Nese and Gulak seem to be in control of the match and begin laying the beatdown on Lorcan.
  • Now Nese and Gulak are making quick tags, cutting the ring in half and picking Oney apart.
  • There is a focus on Drew Gulak yelling instructions to Nese while Tony wrestles Oney. It really makes Nese look less than. Nese was a cruiserweight champion and now he needs constant advice from Gulak to gain advantages in the match. I wouldn’t say that Nese would look less than if Nese wasn’t openly listening to Gulak when Gulak was talking and commentary wasn’t focusing in on how Nese is taking Gulak’s direction. The whole 205 team is doing a great job demonstrating this talking point and showing us as well as telling us.
  • The third act starts taking shape when tags become more and more meaningless as the ref begins to lose control of the match. Lorcan, Nese, Gulak and Burch are in and out of the ring, battling it out until Nese and Gulak both end up in a submission in the middle of the ring. Gulak uses his ring acumen to break both submission holds as the ref starts regaining control in the match.
  • Tony Nese tries to take out bot Lorcan and Burch, but Lorcan was able to break up the pin Nese had on Burch after a 450 splash. Lorcan and Burch show some unbridled rage, getting the crowd involved.
  • Lorcan and Burch are able to hit a European Doomsday Device on Nese and only get a two count. All four men appear to be exhausted.
  • Burch and Lorcan hit their finish which is a shoulder assisted DDT on Nese and finally get the win.

And I’m Like… What a great 3/4 hours of wrestling. Oney and Danny really know how to put together a tag team match and having Nese and Gulak as tag team opponents only helps that argument. Not sure where the story goes from here or if Burch is staying on the 205 roster. But, damn this was a tremendous match to cap off a great show.

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