Matt Riddle And Goldberg Share Awkward Exchange Backstage At SummerSlam

WWE NXT Superstar Matt Riddle had some fun leading up to SummerSlam online as he took to social media taking some jabs at both Brock Lesnar and Goldberg.

Matt Riddle apparently didn’t have his run in with Lesnar, but he did bump into Goldberg backstage. According to Riddle this lead to a somewhat awkward exchange between the two, as Riddle had been mocking Goldberg online for some time leading up to the event.

The exchange was talked about in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It was said that the two bumped into each other backstage, where Goldberg told Riddle “we’ve got some talking to do.” to which Riddle replied, “we can talk anytime.” It was then that Riddle in classic form, called Goldberg “bro” which promptly brought a reply from Bill saying “I’m not your bro.” It was reported that Riddle then told Goldberg, “Alright bro, take it easy.”

“Goldberg said, “I’ll see you later, and it was a pleasure meeting you (Bill has the attitude generally if people are dicks to him to in his words, “kill them with kindness”), and Riddle said, “The pleasure was all mine, bro.” And Goldberg said, “I’m not your bro.”

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