Joey Janela And nZo Get Into A Fist Fight At Blink 182 And Lil Wayne Concert

Blink 182 is a pop punk band that’s seen a career resurgence in 2019. Lil Wayne is finally releasing music on his own terms after Tha Carter V dropped. Together they decided to do a joint tour that has packed stadiums across American. On July 9th at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ they played a show.

Attending that show was AEW’s Joey Janela and current free agent nZo. Joey’s independent bookings are about done in 90 days due to his exclusivity to AEW. Joey’s been angling for a fight with nZo on Twitter for the better part of three months.

nZo had never really responded to Janela. Then on July 9th nZo and Janela both sent out a series of tweets about an altercation that happens at the Blink/Wayne concert.

There has yet to be any video of the fight and it’s all hearsay for now. Bodyslam can not confirm if this was a happenstance or an angle. One must wonder how nZo could have ran up on Joey after slapping Janela’s hands away because if you are in distance of hands, it’s only one or two steps to your opponent.

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