Jerry Lawler Speaks On Fans Being Scammed, As More Fans Come Forward

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 09: Jerry " The King" Lawler from Headblocked: Wrestling and Comics Collide panel speaks during New York Comic-Con 2015 - Day 2 at The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on October 9, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Yesterday we broke the story of fans being scammed by Glenn Moore. Glenn was Jerry Lawler’s friend and former podcast host on “Dinner With The King”. The same day a Memphis news station WMC5 aired a story about a fan who was scammed for over $1,000. After the first story came out, there were at least a dozen fans who also shared stories of being scammed by Moore. Moore would us the Dinner With The King Twitter account to DM fans about buying personalized artwork from Jerry, as well as memorabilia.

On July 5th, Jerry took to Twitter to speak on the matter.

A few fans commented on Jerry’s posts, with more saying they too were scammed by Glenn Moore. One fan I spoke to, named Dustin Bolin, shared his experience with me about being scammed. Below is his story and screen shots of his conversations with Moore. The method Moore uses seems to be the same with many fans. Ask if the fan wants anything from Jerry, then ask for money. After Glenn receives payment, he continually delays delivering the merchandise, sometimes for months at a time.

I got that picture tooand actually sent him $100 for what was supposed to be the 2 shirts autographed and some 8x10s autographed by the King after returning from Vegas. What originally started it was he told me King could do a color drawing of Elvis personalized for my daughter’s birthday that is usually $200 but said he told him he could do it for $125 since I had ordered (and actually received) a Mystery Box from Lawler already. So I sent him $125 and of course, never got anything. I did order the mystery box from Lawler’s website and thought this was legitimate too since he does a podcast with King and does communicate with him frequently so really didn’t have a reason to doubt him.

I had been in contact with Glenn at least monthly by messages and even spoke with him on the phone once, but always kept getting excuses. Kept giving him the benefit of the doubt since Lawler is busy and travels a lot but all communication ceases after 6/24 and then I found out about the scam this week.

Dustin Bolin

Here are the screen shots of the conversation.

There are another 11 screenshots of Glenn trying to sell his two ring worn Jerry Lawler shirts, but it follows the same song and dance as before. Glenn Moore seemed to have a system down where he would gain the fans trust by being so nice and updating as much as he could. It also seems as if Jerry was none the wiser, so it was easy for Glenn to pass blame on some of these fan’s hero.

We here at Bodyslam will do our best to let everyone’s voice be heard, if you or someone you know has been scammed by Glenn Moore, there are a couple things you can do to fight back.

File reports/complaints with PayPal or credit cards to try to get that started. Save what info you have but the most important thing is to file a police report in their area. It will then be forwarded to his local PD. You can file a complaint with the FBI Cyber Crimes, or reach out to Jerry Lawler. Only problem with reaching out to Jerry is that there isn’t a surefire way to get ahold of him. 

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