Exclusive: Details About Jerry Lawler’s Former Podcast Co-Host Scamming Fans For Thousands Of Dollars

Jerry Lawler’s podcast Dinner With The King was a weekly podcast that has been going on for a couple of years now. In May the podcast took a hiatus without any explanation.

Lawler was on a radio show (start at 14:07) hosted by Kevin Cerrito. On the show, Lawler was asked about his podcast and the hiatus. Lawler said that he had a falling out with his close friend Glenn Moore over some terrible things and left it at that. Around the same time Glenn Moore went dark on social media and shut off his phone.

As it turns out, the shady stuff Glenn did was scam fans for money. He would say he could get artwork done or t-shirts sent out and ask fans for money. Once he received the money, the fans never got the items they purchased.

Ryan Satin noticed fans complaining that they were scammed and posted this tweet.

I reached out to individuals who were scammed and as of this writing have been in touch with four individuals. One who goes by the Twitter handle @leaddriver407, one fan named Steve Dixon, a former co worker Jen Steer who is a web producer for Fox 8 in Cleveland and another source who will remain anonymous but is close to the situation.

He has quite a criminal record virtually all money related

He has an outstanding warrant for his arrest right now for not paying child support

He was hired by http://cleveland.com as a reporter despite not having virtually any education past high school

He lost his job there for being a plagiarist

He lost his job there for being a plagiarist

Tried to extort money from at least 2 other employers prior to that

A co-worker @JenSteer loaned him $800 and never paid her back

He had the inside track of being the Cavs beat writer for http://Cleveland.com the year LBJ came back, He plagiarized his story from the Indians game the night LBJ announced he was coming back to Cleveland & got terminated the Monday after. That game was on a Friday in Saturday’s paper

When other writers read when Glenn wrote in his article about what was talked about before the game they knew Glenn wasn’t there to cover that. The Baseball Writers of America filed a complaint about his plagiarizing. He claimed he was there but was proven he wasn’t

As it turns out, there is a large history of Glenn Moore lying and scamming people to get ahead. Wrestling wise, he would DM fans and offer them goods or services from Mr. Lawler himself. I have screen shots of actual conversations from the Jerry Lawler podcast Twitter, ran by Glenn Moore.

Leaddriver405 shared what happened as well.

Yes apparently he sent multiple people the same message(I’ll send the whole conversation) about buying 2 signed Jerry lawler shirts, at the time I received this message I had just started back to work after being out sick 3 full months which I told him that I’m the message. But like a idiot I decided to give my last $150 because I’m a Jerry Lawler fan. I believe I paid him on 5/12 or so and waited weeks and weeks then asked about the shirts he came up with some excuse and told me he would send them out that following Monday so I waited weeks and weeks before messaging him again and he came up with more and excuse. Then I seen someone posted that radio interview of lawler saying he stopped doing the podcast with him because he can’t be trust that’s when I finally knew I had been scammed then seeing all the other people he scammed on twitter just confirmed it. Then seen a lady posted up screenshots of the same message about the shirts and she had paid him for the shirts on 5/31 when I had paid him 5/12 for the same shirts

But most of the other people were scammed through the patreon apparently he took up to $1500 from one guy from patreon for commission art work to be done by Jerry l. That guy has gone to the news company which his story will air tonight in Memphis


Steve Dixon shared his story and screen grabs as well.

Glenn a few months ago stated on his Twitter and the Dinner with the King podcast count that Jerry Lawler was offering the chance for comminsioned art pieces at 250 dollars but as a patreon member I got 50 off. Jumped at the chance then few months ago I contacted Glenn to see why it had been 6months. Chatted he reassured me. Then weeks ago he messaged me asking if I’d like one or two of his own personal ring worn Jerry Lawler shirts as he was in financial uncertainty so he was sleeping them off and I could get them signed. For a further 100 dollars. Which I sent via PayPal stupidly listened when he suggested the via friends option. So he took me for 300 and constantly lied about me getting my items. I can screen cap our conversations regarding the shirt from this past month.

Steve Dixon

Jen Steer shared her interactions with Glenn Moore which sheds more light on how he could screw over friends as much as strangers.

I really don’t know where to start. We were coworkers and friends. He came on vacation with me and close group of friends the. Never paid and I never heard from him again. Then I found out he spent a few days in jail for unpaid child support. He’s been convicted of fraud and receiving stolen property. There’s currently a warrant for his arrest.

He was a friend I loaned money because I trusted him. It was a mistake.

Jen Steer

Jerry Lawler has not reached out to the fans who were scammed or spoken on the matter publicly other than that one news radio interview.

I have reached out to Jerry through Twitter but he has yet to respond.

It appears this story runs deeper than a couple fans and the full extent is not yet known.

This just goes to show that even if you are good friends with someone, you never know what they are capable of or how they could take advantage of you or others.

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