Update On Fans Being Scammed By Jerry Lawler’s Ex-Podcast Host Glenn Moore

Earlier today we posted an exclusive article about Jerry Lawler’s former podcast host Glenn Moore. Glenn has gone above and beyond when scamming the wrestling community.

A local television station in Memphis WMC5 News ran a story at 10 PM Central time about Glenn Moore and what Jerry is doing to make amends with those who were scammed.

“I’m totally shocked by this behavior,” Lawler said during a phone interview with WMC Action News 5. “I mean, we did like 90 podcasts together over a period of years. This is a guy I thought was a friend and I trusted him. I’m certainly sorry this has happened.”

Lawler says Moore’s behavior changed after he lost his PR job in December. Moore, he says, promised to make amends, but has no money. Lawler wants his fans to know, he’ll fix this.
“We’re gonna work to try to make this thing right,” he said, “one way or another. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get people’s money back. If not, we’ll get them the artwork they tried to buy.”


You can see the new story from WMCA TV 5 in Memphis on Glenn Moore below.

As more fans have come forward telling their stories about interactions with Moore, more of Glenn’s past has surfaced as well. Including court documents over unpaid child support.

Since the last post, another fan has reached out but chose to remain anonymous. Here is their story.

But since conversations I read were almost verbatim. Losing his job so doing the 2 shirts in the picture. His dad having health problems so he could never mail it. The cameo video I bought was never done, the portrait of my family was never shipped for many reasons, the lunches and dinners with Jerry were canceled last second while we were driving to Memphis, the podcast co hosting shot always put off. Every time, there was something added on to make me wait more. Refund check, then ring worn gear, e.t.c. but nothing ever came, obviously. Glad he didn’t get me for that much like some others.

He’d even send me screen shots of texts of them supposedly promising me more stuff to make each problem right. He was really nice, obviously, as most scammers are.

He and I talked socially also a lot. Stuff about Jerry and Brian, his own dad’s health, e.t.c. I treated him like a normal guy and not just the other half of a famous person’s podcast. Feels like an emotional violation

So, here’s a gut wrencher for you. I paid a ridiculously low price for a color portrait of my family, drawn by Jerry. Our son is adopted and we couldn’t share photos of him per foster laws. So getting him adopted and sharing that is a big deal. So here I thought Jerry had a drawn photo of my son in his house that he wasn’t sending


Speculation has been thrown about that Glenn Moore was scamming fans for money because he hasn’t had a job since 2018 and has a warrant for his arrest due to late child support payments. The situation seems very messy and as the days go by, more news begins to surface on the matter.

If you are a victim of Glenn Moore there are a couple things you can do. File reports/complaints with PayPal or credit cards to try to get that started. Save what info you have but the most important thing is to file a police report in their area. It will then be forwarded to his local PD. You can file a complaint with the FBI Cyber Crimes, or reach out to Jerry Lawler. Only problem with reaching out to Jerry is that there isn’t a surefire way to get ahold of him.

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