MLW Fusion Recap Episode 59: Lawlor vs. Avalanche

Last week on MLW Fusion: Mancer and Sami Callihan teamed up to defeat Hijo De LA Park and Ricky Martinez but all four men kept brawling and nothing was settled. Minoru Tanaka and Daga had a match for no reason that wasn’t that good. Contra Unit said that they are going to cause chaos. Brian Pillman Jr. advanced to the National Openweight Championship finals after defeating Rich Swan when the ref hit a fast count.

Cold Open

A recap video of Tom Lawlor winning the MLW Heavyweight championship and his title defense against Jimmy Havoc. That bleeds into Avalanche’s promo about how he will be the next champion. Tom isn’t afraid of Avalanche and Avalanche says Tom better be ready for a beating.

This is STILL THE NEW YORK TAPING! I’m pretty sure it’s the last one, but damn so many matches were filmed during Wrestlemania weekend.

The Dynasty’s Richard Holliday and Hammerstone cut a promo about how much more money they will get when Hammerstone wins the National Openweight Championship. Richard says that the Hart Foundation are scummy. Hammerstone talks about how he has a genetic advantage.

Barrington Hughes and Ace Romero vs. Contra Unit

  • Barrington and Ace weigh over 850 lbs combined. They have to be one of the largest tag teams in wrestling history. Not as big as the McGuire Twins I’m sure.
  • The match barely starts and Jacob and Josef quickly attack the big men. Samael hits Ace Romero with a spike to the back of the head and this “match” is already about done.
  • Jacob hits a top rope moonsault on Barrington for the win. Hughes was undefeated for two years and Jacob just defeated him in seconds.
  • Simon Gotch shows up and I believe Contra Unit is puling the same shit they did in Chicago to cause a near riot.

And I’m Like… Apparently Contra Unit have not signed contracts because they want to destroy MLW. Which begs the question… Why does MLW even allow these dudes in the ring? It’s not like they are popular enough to hurt the company if they leave.

We see a backstage segment where Contra Unit throws a fireball at Fenix and melts his mask to his face. I guess off camera Pentagon’s face was smashed into the concrete floor.

A Von Erich hype video of them wrestling in Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Tom Lawlor cuts a promo about how he is a champion and he will win matches.

Lots of just video packages and stuff. This show is real weak so far. Remember how people complained that WWE spent the first third of their show without an actual wrestling match? This show is almost half done and there has just been a bit of a squash that shouldn’t even be considered a match. I really don’t know what else to say here.

Mancer cuts a promo about how he hits the “pay windah” he gets paid from the main event window.

Ricky Martinez and Low Ki w/ Salina De La Renta vs. Troy Hollywood and a guy with Mr. Grimm on his singlet

  • During the entrance of Low Ki and Martinez, a Contra Unit graphic flashed on the screen. If they aren’t signed to MLW and try and take the company down, how are they able to get their graphic to show up during the show?
  • So…… The bell doesn’t even ring and Low Ki and Ricky Martinez jumped both dudes. So this “match” doesn’t really count as a match. We are over halfway through the episode and there hasn’t been a match. This is low key pathetic.

And I’m Like… As Low Ki and Ricky celebrate, Jacob Fatu comes out, Ricky powders to the outside but Low Ki tries to fight. Contra Unit beats Low Ki up…. I feel like I’ve seen this before, which I have, less than 20 minutes ago.

Holy shit…. there is 18 minutes left in this show and now we have a Hart Foundation promo…. I’m just gonna keep fast forwarding until the actual match. This is so aggravating.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Avalanche vs. Tom Lawlor (c)

  • 15 minutes to go and we still have entrances and introductions….. This show has put me in such a bad mood, I don’t even know if I will enjoy this match.
  • Tom Lawlor takes his sweet time getting to the ring. Because if there is anything we need, it’s less time for wrestling on a wrestling show that has no wrestling.
  • The camera shows the crowd screaming “Filthy Tom” but there is like no sound coming through the speakers…. There has yet to be one thing about this episode that is enjoyable. The fireball to Fenix was cool but I’ve already seen a replay of it almost 4 times.
  • During this taping, Tom and Jimmy Havoc had a hardcore match. Tom supposedly got busted open but it was an obvious blood packet. The stain on the ring mat is still there for this match, but Tom has no wounds or bandages. THIS WAS FILMED IN FRONT OF THE SAME AUDIENCE. So they saw Tom bleed and then saw him come out later with no evidence that he bled on his body.
  • Crowd is pretty dead for this. There are people yawning in the crowd while Tom and Avalanche have an actual match. Poor Avalanche.
  • Jim Cornette just said Germans are the toughest race on the planet. Avalanche is from Austria and Lawlor is from America.. so there is that.
  • There is a chop fst going on that Avalanche wins with a suplex. The crowd booed that, so that’s good. Maybe the first reaction from the crowd.
  • Avalanche hits a small flurry but misses the Vader bomb and then he gets kneed in the head by Lawlor. Tom gets the rear naked choke on for the win.

And I’m Like…. Garbage, this entire show was garbage. One of the worst wrestling shows I’ve ever seen. Even with Contra Unit attacking Tom Lawlor….. I am dreading next week already.

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