Jon Moxley Reveals How Much Money WWE Paid Him To Work His Final Match With The Company

WWE held a special farewell for Dean Ambrose that aired on the WWE Network prior to his contract expiring and his departure from the company.

The former Dean Ambrose, now once again going by his old ring name of Jon Moxley, made his surprise debut with All Elite Wrestling when he appeared and attacked both Chris Jericho and then Kenny Omega during the conclusion of their Double or Nothing PPV.

Moxley sat down and participated in a very open and candid interview with Chris Jericho on his “Talk is Jericho” podcast earlier this week. During the interview Moxley opened up and revealed what WWE paid him for working his final match with the company as part of their WWE Network Special.

Regarding his final match in WWE, Moxley said:

“Yeah I mean you know how much I got paid for that last show I did? This is a house show they literally turned into a special. They flew in writers and camera men and everything put it on the Network basically for me. $500. Got paid $500 for that sucker.”

“I can just imagine Vince and Carrano and them just like ‘what do we pay?’ 500 bucks! Which is like the minimum that’s what you get to show up and not work. If you show up to TV and they don’t use you, you get $500. That’s what extras get. That’s like the minimum. 500 bucks for a Network special, come on. I thought about calling them for a second, but I thought naw it’s just funnier. I actually like it, I should frame that check.”

Later in the interview Jericho brought up the time that he and Ambrose worked a Street Fight match while in WWE, and Jericho revealed that they each were paid $750 for the match.

Moxley said that he remembered this incident, and he pointed out that Jericho had said at the time that he “doesn’t get off his couch for that little of a payday.”

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