205 Live Recap: Episode 129

Last week on 205 Live: Ariya Daivari picked up a win over Noam Dar to build “momentum” for the upcoming cruiserweight championship match. The Singh Brothers won a squash match and then began a feud with the Lucha House Party, which is surprising because they are the only two tag teams on 205 Live, so I can’t believe they are feuding…. Akira Tozawa and Mike Kanellis had an amazing No DQ match, that saw Tozawa picking up the victory.

Cold Open

Drake Maverick is back narrating! He says this is a special international edition, so NXT UK wrestlers will be here. Humberto Carrillo vs. Jack Gallagher vs. James Drake vs. Mark Andrews and then Tony Nese vs. Ligero. This should be a show that lacks story but will have tons of action.

Jack Gallagher vs. James Drake vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. Mark Andrews

  • Jack is wearing his baby blue trunks, the ones that really highlight his package. He must be happy to be home. His theme song is still sinister, so I don’t know if he is a face or not. I kinda miss him wrestling in street clothes from the 1890’s.
  • Mark Andrews comes out t his own pop punk theme song. I wish they showed us his bands name more often. There is only one band from Wales that I know of, I even have that band’s symbol as a tattoo. That was before the horrid thing the lead singer did… so yes I regret the tattoo.
  • James Drake is the weirdest dude. I don’t get who he is or what he is about. He has a plaid sweatshirt tied on his waist looking like a kilt.
  • Humberto debuts a new cape that looks like Ultimo Dragons. Don’t forget Aiden English getting his panties wet for Humberto. It’s one of the weirdest and most fun things going on 205 Live.
  • Fatal four way matches rarely tell a story. Usually the heel teams up with another heel or gets out of the ring early. Gallagher stays in the ring so that means he is a face.
  • The match starts off with some crazy triple headlock and then breaks down rather quickly. Drake rolls in the ring to steal a pin but when it’s just a near fall he bails out of the ring again.
  • All three faces have decided to whip the hell out of Drake. The match is already doing the tried and true method of having two dudes in the ring and two dudes out of the ring. I don’t get why WWE does this, they have multi-man matches that just end up being multiple one-on-one matches.
  • Humberto is stealing this match right now. The crowd noise is building but they always are a bit louder when Carrillo hits his awe inspiring offense.
  • Jack Gallagher is totally a face now. He broke out his old umbrella William the Third. Jumps off the top rope with the umbrella to the joy of the crowd and commentary team.
  • Gallagher then hits a stalling suplex that lasts over a minute. Th crowd starting getting louder and louder the longer Jack held Andrews up. This reminds me of why I was so excited to see Jack in WWE. I fell in love with his indie work and recently forgot about how talented Gallagher is.
  • Drake is hit with a poisned rana from the top rope, then Jack hits a reverse headbutt where he jumped off the top rope and hit Drake with the back of his head. Then Carrillo hit a twisting 360 splash and it only got two because Jack and Mark broke up the pin.
  • We get a strike battle between Carrillo, Jack and Andrews. Andrews ends up hitting the stun dog millionaire but after Andrews, Gallagher and Carrillo all get moves in on each other, Carrillo is able to get a roll up pin on Gallagher for the win.

And I’m Like… The story going into this match was that Carrillo said he could pin Gallagher, and he did. This continues the storyline hopefully. Gallagher shakes Carrillo’s hand after the crowd willed it. This was a quick and fun match.

Ariya Daivari is on another level right now.

Tony Nese cuts a promo about how he is a champion and he wins matches. The dudes gimmick is that he is a wrestler who wrestles.

A Ligero video package to tell us who he is and that he is a legend in London.

Lucha House Party also cut a promo about good lucha things.

Ligero vs. Tony Nese

  • Ligero doesn’t win too often on NXT UK. Tony Nese also as a title match coming up in five days. That means Nese is winning this match.
  • Tony Nese uses a move that looks like he breaks Ligero’s arm as a transition strike. It happens so fast int he middle of a strike flurry that it doesn’t even give time to register.
  • They trade one count pinfalls and then shake hands afterwards. Tony even shakes the referee’s hand for all his hard work counting the pins.
  • This match is very fast paced but takes time to breathe after the many near falls.
  • Ligero ends up having to powder outside of the ring because Nese was in too much control. Nese followed Ligero to the outside and Ligero changed the match to his favor.
  • This match is really just: move, pinfall, move, pinfall, strikes, move, pinfall, submission, move, and pinfall. It’s really a tale of two men trying to get a win as quick as possible. Nese because he has a championship match in five days, Ligero because this is his first time on 205 Live and beating the champion would really help his career.
  • The crowd is pretty dead for this whole match. That’s what happens when there isn’t a heel or face and both men don’t have characters.
  • I wish that the match would build tension but the story of the match hasn’t led to any. The near falls are getting closer to three and the moves to get the near falls are bigger and delivering more impact. The match is building but without crowd involvement, there is no emotion.
  • The London crowd shocks me, usually in England the wrestling fans are loud and sing songs. Not tonight though.
  • Tony Nese hit a 450 and guess what.. it was a near fall, AND he was shocked by it. I wasn’t because that happens in every Tony Nese match.
  • Tony and Ligero trade pinfalls one more time before Tony is able to powerbomb Ligero into the corner and hit a running Nese for the win.

And I’m Like… These guys tried hard and had good chemistry, they just didn’t click with the crowd. The match was not laid out in a way to really get fans to cheer one man over the other. Ligero gets an ovation from the crowd after the match. Probably would have helped if they cheered during the match.

Daivari showed up, took out Ligero and then almost got beat up by Nese but Daivari was able to turn it around and stand tall over Nese as 205 Live went off th air. His beatdown attire is the same as his wrestling attire except for a shirt change. Sadly Tony Nese is gonna win this Money In The Bank championship match against Daivari.

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