205 Live Recap: Episode 128

Last week on 205 Live: The Singh Brothers re-debuted on 205 Live and lost to the Lucha House Party. Akira Tozawa and Mike Kanellis brawled before Kanellis’ match against The Brian Kendrick. Drew Gulak and Tony Nese tore the house down in a fantastic match that Nese ended up winning.

Cold Open

Mike and Maria Kanellis open the show talking about how this is Mike’s opportunity to put his name on the map as a contender for the championship. It sucks that they turned his character from a very complex character that only wants to please his wife by winning matches, but losing focus and losing matches, even though Maria loves him no matter what, but he doesn’t accept that in his own mind. To Mike being a 16-year vet that wants to “make an impact”. No idea what happened there.

Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick then get a narration promo about the upcoming No Disqualification match tonight. Brian says he is banned from ringside but he wrestle Akira in a street fight before, he tells Mike “You’re screwed”.

Noam Dar vs. Ariya Daivari

  • Daivari walks to the ring, obviously with his jewelry on. He also cut all his hair off, I believe to look more tough. It works! Also, so far the cruiserweight championship match hasn’t been announced for the pre show.
  • Noam Dar supposedly left 205 Live to be on NXT UK. Then he wrestled so hard in a match against Mark Andrews, they both were stretchered out of the match. Now Dar is back, but in 205.
  • We all know Ariya is gonna win. Until, Tony Nese’s bass drops hard and he comes out to watch the match from ringside by doing commentary.
  • Lot’s of empty seats, meaning a good portion of the fans in the arena left.
  • Tony Nese is facing Ligero next week on a 205 Live in the U.K.
  • I feel like this match is just a showcase for Daivari while Tony talks about the upcoming championship match.
  • Tony Nese doesn’t know how to be charismatic. Also, his beard is more wet than his hair. It’s crazy.
  • Daivari gets in the face of Nese, like a bland WWE2k Universe mode storyline. Dar couldn’t even gain the upper hand.
  • I realized why Tony is so bland. He never changes his vocal inflection. No matter what it’s always the same tone.
  • Daivari is the total package. He has great facial reactions, a three dimensional character, can talk with a tonal range and can get it done in the ring. This is Tony’s first major championship defense so I don’t think he is going to lose at Money In The Bank.
  • Vic Joseph talks about how Dar is riling up the energy of the WWE Universe, but if you’ve ever watched 205 Live, you would know that the live crowd never has any energy.
  • Daivari lands a super kick, followed by a top rope splash and ending the sequence with a hammer lock lariat for the win.

And I’m Like… One thing 205 Live does not do well is championship feuds. The feuds are only about “the championship” and so the build to those matches are just wrestlers wrestling to prove they are good at wrestling. To grow an audience you need them invested. To get invested you need characters that have motivations other than “trying to win”.

Oney Lorcan talks about how nothing comes easy. He will work hard and train hard and nothing will stop him from winning. See what I mean? The only character traits for the majority of the roster is “I want to win”.

The lack of Drake Maverick is hurting this show.

David Kauffman and Kevin Lee vs. The Singh Brothers

  • I like how Kauffman and Lee are wearing matching gear. It’s weird how The Singh Brothers are a tag team in a division that has zero tag teams or tag team championships.
  • The Singh Brothers are a great character, they are charismatic too, they just don’t really belong in 205 Live. This show severely lacks a purpose.
  • They won in a squash too.

And I’m Like… The Singh Brothers won a match and aren’t feuding with anyone. It’s a strange thing.

Singh Brothers cut a promo about how they lost to Lucha House Party last week. So they are starting a feud by challenging them to a rematch.

Drake Maverick shows up backstage and bars Maria Kanellis from ringside for the upcoming match. The Kanellis’ plan has been ruined! Mike has to earn this shit.

Jack Gallagher announces he is medically cleared to compete and he will be wrestling in front of his hometown next week. It will be a fatal four way match. Humberto Carrillo shows up to say he will beat Jack in London.

No Disqualification

Akira Tozawa vs. Mike Kanellis

  • Mike comes out alone and he looks nervous. I have really disconnected with this character over the last two months.
  • The match starts with brawling to the outside right away.
  • We aren’t even five minutes in and Mike is already grabbing a bunch of chairs and a table. Smart of heel Kanellis to grab a table before the crowd could chant “We Want Tables”.
  • Tables have been set up but Tozawa got back in control of the match. That is until Mike hits an absolutely gorgeous super kick on Tozawa who was suicide diving to the outside.
  • Mike is spending a lot of time setting up weapons. It gives Akira enough time to counter whatever attack Mike has set up.
  • A great spot where they trade suplex attempts. Akira is able to finally land a suplex onto two seated chairs. It looked like it hurt pretty bad.
  • Tozawa puts a trash can onto a standing Mike Kanellis, then suicide diving out of the ring. Tozawa has been holding his head ever since. It’s funny that the most damage done to Tozawa was by his own hand.
  • Tozawa and Kanellis are in the midst of a strike battle and the crowd is actually reacting. They just needed to almost kill themselves with weapons to get the crowd excited. People are actually standing up to watch this.
  • Nigel is talking about how Maria would really be a big help to Mike right now. Mike has to figure out how to win without her.
  • There are fights on the top rope and apron spots. That means we are getting close to the end of the match. I am thinking about making a bingo card for 205 matches. A bingo usually brings out “this is awesome” chants from the crowd.
  • Tozawa was going for a top ring post senton to the outside through two tables. Kanellis rolled out of the way and is able to set Tozawa up on the tables. Mike took to damn long though and Akira met Mike on the top rope.
  • They are setting up a dangerous spot off the top rope. Akira reverses a top rope move into a top rope hurricanrana to the floor through two tables. The crowd clapped a little bit. It’s crazy how dead a crowd can get.
  • So now Tozawa rolls Mike into the ring puts a bunch of chairs on Mike. Hits a top rope senton onto the chairs for the win.

And I’m Like… The front row of the crowd is giving it a standing ovation. This match was great, screw the lack of crowd noise. I have no idea what is going on with Mike and his character. This was some good shit though.

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