Zelina Vega and Carmella- A Feud You Want to See?

For WWE fans, Twitter has become the place to go when you want to find out everything about your favorite pro wrestlers. Fans can find out simple things like where their favorite wrestlers like to go to eat, what they are doing on their days off, and things of that nature. However, Twitter can also be used sometimes, for story lines and to start a feud. The simplest Tweet can sometimes send fans spiraling down a slide of conspiracy theories, wondering what that Tweet meant and if it could be the start of a future story line for WWE.

A perfect example of this is what started on Friday May 10th between Carmella and Zelina Vega. Vega Tweeted out on Friday,

“I think there should be a mix tag team championship. @AndradeCienWWE and I would be perfect for it.”

A simple enough statement on its own, but since Carmella is the current Mixed Match Challenge winner with R-Truth for WWE, she could not let that statement fly through the internet without replying with her own comment for Vega. Carmella replied the next day saying,

“It’s called Mixed Match Challenge…. @RonKillings and I are the reigning MMC champions… yano, the same team that beat y’all last night in Helsinki and about to do the same tonight in Stockholm. See ya there babe! 💋”

Zelina Vega did not take this response very well however, and replied to Carmella almost instantly Tweeting back at her,

“Yo first of all, ain’t nobody talking to ur stupid head stop stalking my page #2: I 👏🏽don’t 👏🏽see 👏🏽no 👏🏽titles 👏🏽around 👏🏽your waist! #3: Y’all stay cheating, tonight will be different.. see you there “babe” / “siiiiiiis” 😑 witcho fake ahh Y’all really trying me today.”

Vega then followed it up by also saying,

“Oh and one more thing @CarmellaWWE , I used to think that your laugh was really annoying but now I see that your Nemo impression is just spot on:”

Vega included in this post a video with Nemo from ‘Finding Nemo’ and Carmella laughing back to back to prove her own point about Carmella’s laugh. Carmella responded back on the same day with a Tweet of her own about her laugh saying,

“Nemo is the CUTEST!!! 😩😩 I’m not ashamed of my laugh. I like it! At least I’m happy. You should try it sometime.” 🤷🏼‍♀️

While this seemed like it might have been the end of the Twitter exchange for Vega and Carmella, it was far from over. On May 13th, a fan posted a picture of Vega and Carmella in the ring, where Vega was clapping her hands in Carmella’s face, it was captioned with the statement, give us this feud! Vega saw this and retweet the fans post with her own comment saying,

“She ain’t ready. People thought this was over but I’ll never like @CarmellaWWE”

Carmella saw this post and decided to respond with her own picture of her having Zelina in a hold and captioning it,

“I’ll just leave this here……”

This is the end of the Twitter conversation for both Vega and Carmella for right now, but it seems as if both women are more than ready and willing to step into the ring together to settle their differences. This is something that I know, as a fan of both women, I would love to see actually take place. If WWE is listening, it seems as if both of these ladies want this match, and they want it now!

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