“Veteran” Wrestler Shoots On & Brutally Attacks Opponent During Match

Professional wrestling is based on trust. Trust between performers. The moves may be choreographed and the finishes predetermined, but every time wrestlers step into the ring, the lives and livelihoods of the wrestlers are trusted with one another.

Just as the wrestlers need to trust each other, the fans need to trust that what is presented, is real. In a bygone era, sometimes when that trust was broken, there was retaliation. Worked wrestling matches became legitimate fights, the trust between wrestlers was broken. The infamous match that turned into the shoot is when Bruiser Brody didn’t sell Lugers offense and Luger left the ring.

As wrestling evolved. The barbaric way of shooting on an opponent has gone by the wayside. That is until recently at a show Sunday night in High Point, North Carolina at an RWA wrestling..

There was an incident that saw a “veteran” shoot on another wrestler during their match and proceeded to attack and beat up the younger less experienced wrestler until other members of the roster and security rushed out and came to the aid of the young wrestler.

Brad Anderson, who wrestles under the ring name “Pan Zander” went off script and attacked an unsuspecting Jacob Ryan during their match. Matt Koon was in attendance working the event and commented on the incident as it unfolded.

Koon wrote:

“True Story:
At the show today, Brad Anderson (son of Gene) “Shot” on the kid he was wrestling, started beating him up for real, then was choking him out, and the other wrestlers had to intervene and insisted on Anderson leaving the premises. @mitchellpwtorch was there. The kid wasn’t expecting it, nor should he have.

This was apparently a “receipt” for an angle last month that involved Brad Anderson’s son. Every wrestler was outraged, and everyone in the audience was shocked.

Again, not an angle. This dude tried to seriously hurt him. For real”

Koon also posted a video of the incident to his twitter, which you can see below.

RWA Promoter Julian Strauss issued a statement on the incident Sunday night on his facebook page.

“IMPORTANT: As many of you may know there was an incident that occurred during the RWA event tonight. I hate to even address it publicly but so many untrue rumors are going around. First, we apologize to the fans, to the talent and to Jacob Ryan for the situation. The first rule of the squared circle is to protect your opponent. Whether you like them or not. Whether there is heat or not. Friend or foe, doesn’t matter in the ring. Sadly, an incident happened tonight that crossed that line. But, to shoot down these rumors, Jacob Ryan will be ok. No one is seriously hurt. No one from RWA approved this type of situation. What was supposed to be a realistic looking battle of generations went way too far and crossed many lines. It was unacceptable. It went too far and nothing like this will ever be allowed to happen again. The person who did this should never be allowed back in a ring, anywhere, ever. This is just beyond sickening! We do not want to dwell on this matter. But wanted to let everyone know that we apologize, everyone is ok, and we will be addressing how to make the needed changes with security going forward. Thank you for 3 years of supporting RWA and we apologize for this incident.”

You can see the official statement from the RWA below.

One of the wrestlers that was there in the locker room Sunday was White Mike who is part of the tag team The Gym Nastyboys. Mike discussed the incident earlier today on his facebook page posting a video giving his account of how everything unfolded which somewhat contradicts the statement from the promoter.

We will keep you updated as more information about this incident comes out.

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