Total Bellas: Bellas and the City

The first episode of Season Four of Total Bellas brought forth a lot of changes for both Nikki and Brie. Many things have changed in their lives since the viewers of the show saw them last and that only seems to be the beginning of the changes that are about to come for both Nikki and Brie. The Bellas are in New York City for Summer Slam and they have brought their whole family along with them for the trip. While both Bellas are there to start their upcoming story line with WWE, it appears that New York City will not just move their careers forward, but it will also bring up some family and personal issues that The Bellas have not addressed yet until now.

She’s Single and She Likes it That Way

Nikki starts off the episode in New York City talking to her friend and fellow wrestler Nia Jax about being recently single. She admits to Jax that she is enjoying being single and is not looking to date anyone right now. She tells her that she is not swearing off men altogether but that she is definitely swearing off dating in the wrestling industry. After her last two relationships with wrestlers have ended poorly, she feels that she should not mix work and pleasure. While Nikki herself is more than happy with her choices currently, it seems as if her family is worried, specifically when it comes to the idea of her having kids. Her family continues to tell her that her clock is ticking, and she does not have a lot of time left to have children. She tells her family that she feels confident in her choice to not have children right now and to focus on herself. She does say that down the line she might want kids but for now, she feels secure in her choice to wait to have them.

This is not the only area of Nikki’s life that her family has something to say about though. Even though Nikki tells her brother that she cannot stand being set up on blind dates and that she is happy being single right now, her Mom decides to set her up on one. When Nikki gets to her dinner with her family, she knows that something is going on, especially when Andre (the blind date her Mom has set her up on) shows up. More than anything she feels very uncomfortable and pulls Brie aside to tell her that if this is in fact a blind date, she will be angry. Her Mom admits to having tried to set her up and says at the end of the episode that she was wrong, from now on she will let Nikki pick her own dates should she choose to date.

In Need of Extra Chest Padding?

While Nikki has been having to deal with her relationship issues, Brie has been dealing with some serious self-conscious issues after having Birdie and coming back to wrestling. She wants to be feeling good about herself again and has been thinking about getting breast implants, which leads to Brie deciding to try fake implant inserts to see how they feel. When Brie tells her husband Bryan that she is going to be wearing inserts for a couple of days he is not enthused by this idea. He is concerned about her getting implants when they want to have another baby, as well as he just wants her to be comfortable being herself. He does end the conversation though saying that he will always support whatever she wants. Brie eventually makes the decision to go see a doctor about the implants while she is in the city. The doctor informs her that for the look that she wants she would need a larger implant but he also informs her that if she is planning on having a second baby it would be best for her to wait to get the implants until after having the second baby, so she decides to wait.

This is not the only thing that Brie has to confront during this episode. After SummerSlam, Brie gets a call from WWE while they are back home. WWE is interested in not only having Brie in a story line with Nikki on RAW, but also having her be in a story line with Bryan on Smackdown. While both of these are amazing opportunities Brie has some concerns regarding her personal life. With Brie being on both brands she would be experiencing ten weeks of chaos. She is concerned for Bridie having both parents be away constantly, she does not want her daughter to feel abandoned or to feel like her parents specifically are abandoning her. The episode ends with Brie and Bryan asking these questions to themselves but with no resolution on what they should do.

Where Does the Bellalution Go from Here?

At SummerSlam Nikki and Brie plant seeds for their story line coming up at the all-women’s Pay Per View Evolution with Ronda Rousey. Both Nikki and Brie do interviews about Evolution but focus on the fact that they are there to support Ronda. Since Nikki is dealing with personal issues and Brie is having concerns about her career effecting her family, it leaves questions regarding what exactly will happen with their Evolution story line. Should Brie or Nikki decide that it is too much to do while they are going through big changes in their lives, what would happen to their wrestling careers? Would they have to retire? Should they retire? This episode left viewers with more questions than answers. I know personally, I am waiting for those answers and hoping that myself and viewers get at least some of them in the next episode.

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