Big E Will Not Give Up on His Love for Mama Lynch

It is common knowledge at this point now, thanks to a recent Twitter conversation between Becky Lynch and Big E, that Big E has some strong feelings for Becky’s Mom, or as he calls her Mama Lynch. While some of us might have thought that Big E said all he needed to say through Twitter, clearly that was not the case. Yesterday afternoon, Big E called in to the ‘Busted Open’ radio show with David LaGreca and Mark Henry to further discuss his love for Mama Lynch and to bring out his inner “Sexual Chocolate.”

When talking about the exchange that had happened between himself and Becky Lynch on Twitter, Big E stated that Becky,

“…very clearly approves of me thinking of her mom in this light and us possibly getting together.”

When that fact of Becky Lynch becoming his stepchild came up, Big E joked bringing up all of the positive to having Lynch be his stepdaughter saying that,

“She’s grown now so I don’t have to pay to raise her.”

He went even further to discuss how proud he would be to have her as a stepdaughter stating that,

“…I’m currently childless so that’s a good way to start. If you’re going to start with your first child, have her be a champion.”

When the conversation circled back to Mama Lynch, Big E admitted that there were things he does not know about her yet such as her likes, dislikes, turn-ons, and turn-offs but that he plans to learn all about those things and get to the bottom of it. Big E ended his call into ‘Busted Open’ by sending a personal message to Mama Lynch with Sexual Chocolate’s music playing under his message. In his final message to Mama Lynch he states that he “does not want to beat around the bush anymore” that he now has a lot free time on his hands these days and she is all that he thinks about with this free time. He continues on to say that he will be there real soon, real quick. What that last part means I am not sure anyone but Big E knows for certain, but he did end his message to Mama Lynch telling LaGreca and Henry that was all he would say publicly and that the rest is just between Mama Lynch and Big E.

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