MV Young Debuts New Shocking ‘Atomic Plunge’ Move On Sanchez

Independent wrestling is all about innovation lately. Wrestlers are more creative than ever and are tipping the scales on what wrestling was and what wrestling is becoming.

There seems to be a new movement in the terms of ‘shock wrestling’. Dramatic Dream Team is a promotion that kind of spearheaded this movement. Joey Ryan is known in some circles as the king of this style of “shock” spots, while Priscilla Kelly has emerged as the queen.

The newest GIF to make its rounds on Twitter these week has drawn the ire of wrestling purists and created joy for wrestling progressives.

This comes from the promotion Violence X Suffering Wrestling. A match featuring MV Young and Sanchez. The GIF was brought to us by prominent Giffer @Jocay19.

MV Young performs an attempted atomic drop, but instead of using his knee for impact, Young uses a plunger to penetrate Sanchez. Since Young is a polite man, knowingly using a plunger they wasn’t his own, he made sure to clean off the remnants of the atomic plunge.

Look to see MV Young in a match against MLW World Heavyweight Champions Tom Lawlor.

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