Vince Russo Reveals Recent Conversation He Had With Shane McMahon Regarding WWE Creative & Potentially Consulting

One of the most hated, most controversial, and also most well known names behind the scenes is Vince Russo. Russo spent five years working for WWE during the attitude era, after that he went to WCW during the final years of the company. He also was part of the early years of TNA, and has been responsible for some of the best and worst storylines and gimmicks in wrestling history.

Vince Russo recently discussed a conversation he had with Shane McMahon about WWE in a recent video which is part of his Truth With Consequences Patreon page. Russo expressed his concerns that WWE isn’t doing enough to draw interest from their fans, now that the wrestling climate has changed dramatically with All Elite Wrestling launching.

“I know this AEW thing is starting. I know they have not done anything despite the whole [McMahon family] coming out. I hate Monday and Tuesdays in my life. I hate it.”

“So I reached out to Shane and I said, ‘bro, you know I’ve always been loyal to you. I’ve always been loyal to your family. I just want to say more or less if there’s anything I can do for you, like, let me know.’”

Russo also said, “what I’m saying is without saying it is, ‘bro, your show sucks.” But, Russo has always been loyal to the McMahon Family, and is more than welcome to help out in anyway if possible.

Despite the great shape WWE is in financially, with their huge new TV deals that begin later this year and their ongoing deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Russo said that as a fan he is concerned.

He went on to say that fans aren’t watching WWE’s product like they used too, and that there is a reason for that. Russo offered to let McMahon pick his brain, however he states that he didn’t directly say that, just alluded to it.

Russo went on to say that the days of working full-time in Stamford for WWE are “long gone, it’s over. That could never happen.” But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t willing to help, because he is.

Russo then goes on to reveal that he received a reply from Shane McMahon directly in response. Russo said:

“So Shane writes me back almost immediately, right? And he goes, ‘Vince, great to hear from you’ he tells me how his kids are doing. This, that, and the other thing blah, blah, blah. Here’s what he says, you ready?”

“‘I’ll pass it along.’ So now I’m like, are you guys that ignorant? Like seriously? Not for anything, your show sucks. The numbers indicate you are losing viewers on a weekly basis. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel. You don’t have that guy that’s gonna save the day.”

“You’ve got a new up-start wrestling promotion with a lot of money. You’ve got a guy here [Vince Russo] who whether you like it or not was instrumental in drawing you the highest ratings.”

“I said to Shane in the previous email, I said, ‘Shane not being so close to it I have a much different perspective you know sitting on the outside that might be able to help you.”

Russo says that Shane McMahon’s response “I’ll pass it along,” got him “a little hot.” He points out that WWE is producing five hours of television programming every week and that it isn’t working as well as it has in the past. Russo said:

“So I wrote back to him and said, ‘Shane, let’s be honest here. It boggles my mind how for whatever reason you guys have never tapped into me again. I know the reason bro, I know Shane knows the reason. I know Vince knows the reason, but I’m not gonna get into that. I said it boggles my mind bro, that you guys have a resource like me and you don’t tap into it.’”

You can see Matt Koon’s tweet about Russo’s video below.

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