MLW Fusion Recap Episode 44: Mystery Tag Match: Pillman & ? vs. Dreamer & ?

Last week on MLW Fusion: Superfight happened. Which is MLW’s special event type pay per view thing, but it’s not pay per view. The Hart Foundation won the MLW Tag Team Championships from The Lucha Bros in a match that you either loved or hated. Lots of speculation around that match, report of it not being complete work towards the end, and some criticisms of the crispness of the match. Then Kotto Brazil got maced in his good eye, in a loss to Ricky Martinez. Finally, Low Ki lost his MLW World Heavyweight Championship to Tom Lawlor in one of the weirdest put together matches I have ever witnessed.

Cold Open

A recap of last weeks show. Wrestling Twitter seemed to enjoy it, lots of comments about the ring size though. I’m glad I’m not going crazy and people noticed it too. Rich and Matt run down the card. Pillman Jr and Tommy Dreamer face off in a mystery tag partner match. Gringo Loco will take on Puma King

Myron Reed vs. DJZ

  • DJZ comes out with all the flash. Intense music and crazy light up gear. Myron with just himself and his trunks.
  • DJZ used to be quite the high flyer, but he was injured horribly twice in his career. Both from flippy shit. Now he doesn’t wrestle that style AS much.
  • Myron is showing off his ring prowess and cocky attitude in this match. He is still very young, so I look for that to cost him in this match.
  • DJZ still diving through the turnbuckle pads to the outside. Dude has a death wish or is super careful now with his moves.
  • DJZ has this match well in hand and seems to be having his way with Myron. DJZ got caught running at Reed and Myron turned it around just for a bit.
  • Myron and DJZ started going back and forth where it looked like anyone would win. Myron was able to reverse a roll-up by DJZ and pull the tights for the win.

And I’m Like… This match was serviceable. There isn’t much to say about it. They wrestled a good match with Myron progressing nicely. Matches like this are needed and I’m not mad at it at all.

The Hart Foundation YouTube show is shown next. It’s just them being controversial talking about petting pussies. Don’t worry they are talking about cats. All their questions are sex related.

Gringo Loco vs. Puma King

  • Gringo Loco looks like he is in a House of Pain cover band performing on the 4th of July and it’s wonderful.
  • Puma King got the “weird flex but ok”iest entrance of all time. Dude grabs the top rope with his hands and feet and shimmies from one turnbuckle to the other.
  • Gringo and Puma wrestle some outstanding counter wrestling for a minute or two before Puma attacks Loco from behind.
  • Puma is great but he is like the less charismatic L.A. Park, which means Puma is still HELLA charismatic .
  • My cousin came upstairs and has never watched MLW. He is highly impressed with Gringo Loco and digs Puma. I just witnessed these two get someone’s attention enough to sit down and watch.
  • I know the talking point of “high spots and no selling are killing the business” but I saw the flippy shit just get someone into the match. Hard to argue.
  • Gringo Loco is busting out some crazy moves and Puma is trying to answer, the crowd looks like they are sitting on their hands. Kind of depressing.
  • Puma screwed up a spot and Gringo was able to save it. Puma King slipped on the top rope going for some move and Loco backflipped down as if it was a missed moonsault. They recovered quickly and kept wrestling a crazy match.
  • Gringo finally hit a Spanish Fly off the top rope for the win. The crowd clapped but they didn’t look too excited. Probably sent tweets with tons of exclamation points though.

And I’m Like… Gringo Loco always shows up and shows out. Dude knows how to put together an entertaining match and should be a staple moving forward. Puma King is a fun watch but I don’ feel too invested in him. Best thing I can say is my cousin is still watching the show now.

MLW is pushing that Lucha Bros and the company aren’t on the best terms. It’s nice acknowledging the news of Lucha Bros and AEW. Every fan watching MLW is aware, so it’s good to make it storyline.

MJF cuts a promo about how he is a grade A citizen and Teddy Hart is trash. MJF is one of the only people on the indie scene that can cut a promo looking at the camera and not seeming cheesy or “pro wrestling”.

Tommy Dreamer is interviewed getting out of his car. Tommy tells Brian to be proud of wrestling in the ECW Arena. Tommy doesn’t like millennials that go on the computer and say things. Love you too, Tommy.

Jimmy Havoc is coming back to MLW. I am a big fan of what MLW is doing with their backstage segments. Every one is a different style from a different location. Even vignettes.

Brian Pillman Jr. is cutting a heel promo in the ring. Very delusional, it’s weird as hell but good.

Brian Pillman Jr. and Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman

  • I love that it’s a mystery partner match and Pillman chooses his normal tag partner. This match was just made for Tommy’s pick though.
  • The camera keeps showing Tommy Wisseau fan.
  • The Sandman was kind of an obvious choice but am uch needed one. Dude looks happy as hell.
  • You can tell the ECW fans and the ones who don’t really know. Sandman opens a beer can sprays it over the fans and some are shocked at what is happening. Sandman does his whole deal with the pouring beers down the crowds throats. Rubbing his face in boobs. Dudes are drinking with their shirts off and singing Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. Women are getting tons of beers poured on them. Sandman asks someone for an I.D. before he poured beer on them. Registered fans that weren’t into it and left them alone. This is fantastic and even if Sandman doesn’t wrestle, everyone got their moneys worth. The is the most excited I’ve seen the crowd all night. Love him or hate him. Sandman is a legend.
  • The match is No Disqualification and it’s chaos. Sandman and Tommy are used to this and it’s the most nostalgia match of 2019 but everyone is enjoying it.
  • Oh yeah, during Sandman’s entrance he hugged Teddy Hart. It was pretty great. I forgot how great that entrance is. The energy is unmatched.
  • This match will be very predictable. Seeing as how Tommy is the worker on the team. Tommy is getting beat down as the crowd wants Sandman to get the hot tag.
  • Sandman gets the tag but the crowd doesn’t react much. They blew their load during the entrance.
  • Brian Pillman goes to pull weapons from under the ring and pulls out The Blue MEANIE!!
  • What a weird spot. Blue Meanie doesn’t do much.. Tries to start a ECW chant but the crowd doesn’t seem to be responding.
  • Davey puts Tommy through two chairs for the Hart Foundation’s undefeated streak to continue.

And I’m Like… Very well done. This entire episode felt like I was watching the territory days by it’s presentation and ECW with it’s delivery. The crowd doesn’t respond like it once did but damn, MLW sure is trying. This was a fun show though and I really enjoyed it.

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