MLW Fusion Recap Episode 33: Lucha Bros vs LA Park & Hijo de LA Park, Pillman vs. Dreamer

Last week on MLW Fusion: Simon Gotch was paid by Salina De La Renta for turning his back on Tom Lawlor. MJF was on commentary for a Kotto Brazil match sparking the beginning of a feud. Marko Stunt won a fun match. Shane Strickland lost to Low Ki and then called out MLW about unfair treatment. Also, like half of the middleweight division is injured.

Cold Open

Salina De La Renta was speaking Spanish while grinding what looks like cole together and bleeding all over her hands. Then she licked the blood off her finger.

Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge

  • Simon cuts a promo about how he is offering $10k to the “Filthiest Man in the back.”

Ariel Dominguez vs. Simon Gotch

  • Ariel is a high ranked amateur wrestler. He is very short. So short that Rich said he could be a jockey.
  • Simon got the win very quickly with a piledriver.

And I’m Like… Simon hits another Gotch piledriver with money in Dominguez’ mouth. This is just letting us know that Gotch is a shit person and to advertised the no ropes match against Tom Lawlor.

MJF has a promo about how there won’t be a ladder match for his title. He is better than that. I’m thinking it might be true because MJF is injured now. MJF states he doesn’t want to do a hardcore match, not because he is chicken but because it’s not his time.

Tommy Dreamer puts over Brian Pillman Sr. Dreamer pulls out the same talking points he uses against Eli Drake on Impact about millennials and skinny jeans. Even mentioning how Pillman has been on podcasts talking trash. SHOUT OUT TO BODYSLAMS Put Over Podcast. 

The Most Powerful Manager in wrestling Stokely Hathaway says “whoever I manage will be here to right the wrongs in MLW.” Stokely kills it like always.

Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Tommy Dreamer

  • Brian looks absolutely amazing with his beard shaved off, but he honestly has a babyface. Like he is a bad guy but clean shaven he looks too good. Dude needs a beard.
  • Tommy Dreamer gets a rather large ovation and comes out with a smile on his face.
  • Brian is getting a lot of offense in on Dreamer while commentary asks if Brian is carrying on the demon side of his dad’s legacy. Saying he isn’t showing the respect he should, he just forges his own way.
  • Comparing Pillman turning his back on Kevin Sullivan to Zbyszko turning on Bruno Sammartino.
  • Pillman misses an elbow drop and that gives Tommy enough space to turn the match around.
  • Dreamer bit Brian and commented on how bad Pillman tastes!
  • Brian goes to grab a cane to use as a weapon. The ref stops him and when the ref goes to put the cane back Pillman taunted over Tommy who then hit Brian in the nuts and rolled him up for the win.

And I’m Like… Brian Pillman is young and hasn’t had many matches. Dreamer tries his best but his best days are behind him. This was as good as it could be for the time allotted. Dreamer tried to console Brian after the loss but Pillman beat Tommy down with his cane instead. Teddy came out to stop it but after the crowd cheered for Hart. Teddy tried to leave with Brian but Pillman kept beating on Tommy and Teddy finally got Pillman to go to the back.

Tom Lawlor calls Simon Gotch a “fake, phoney, fraud and liar” Tom says that they could have dominated but he chose money over friendship. Tom is gonna break all Gotch’s fingers.

MLW hypes Never Say Never which reminded me. PCO just signed with ROH so don’t expect to see him on this show much longer. MLW also has a lot of Impact talent on their upcoming shows. Which is interesting because Impact and Evolve just had a falling out because Evolve said Impact doesn’t want their wrestlers to lose matches. We’ll see what happens! They are advertising two nights of wrestling for $20!! That is outrageous!!

MLW Tag Team Championship

Lucha Bros. (c) vs. L.A. Park and El Hijo De L.A. Park

  • I don’t know if its really quiet or what but the Lucha Bro’s didn’t seem to have entrance music.
  • The match is contested under “Mexican Rules” meaning no tags needed, if someone leaves the ring, whoever gets in the ring is legal.
  • Fenix is injured now too so I don’t know what’s in store for the Lucha Bros. on MLW or on Impact.
  • Penta and Park fight each other with aggressive strikes. While Fenix and El Hijo de L.A. Park use weapons on the outside.
  • I AM THE TABLE! Happens when Park powerbombs Penta on top of the table. There is a lot happening. I mean a lot. Chairs and tables and belts and guard rails. Chaos but fun as hell.
  • MLW still allows head shots with the chair.. That is insane!! L.A. Park and his son are just brutalizing the Lucha Bro’s.
  • MLW is really becoming a Lucha company. They are bringing in so many wrestlers from Mexico. It’s not a bad move, it’s entertaining and the talent is top notch. I really love how Lucha is cool in America now.
  • Fenix hits one offensive move and that gives The Lucha Bro’s. enough hope to gain the momentum to take control of the match.
  • Fenix really hurt his elbow on the guard rail after a dive while Pentagon battled the table that didn’t break. Then Pentagon powerbombed El Hijo De L.A. Park and I AM THE TABLE!! That shit is unbreakable. Bodies are being destroyed trying to destroy the table. When the table doesn’t brake dudes are falling directly onto a gymnasium floor.
  • Fenix and Pentagon have the match well in hand. They are keeping a phenomenal pace and hitting tons of innovative double team moves. This match is tremendous.
  • Park and his son reverse their fortunes when they hit mono dives from the ring to the outside. Usually it’s stereo dives but L.A. Park was diving while his son was still hitting the ropes.
  • We are now at the part in the match where dudes are hitting and missing huge moves and huge strikes. After being mainly a tornado match, there is some semblance of a normal tag match. If only for a bit.
  • Instead of normalized chaos this match has broken into one-on-one type fights. Pentagon and L.A. Park are going to war in the middle of the ring while their counterparts are struggling to stand back on their own feet.
  • Hijo De L.A. Park countered a bangarang into a Canadian destroyer for two.
  • I like how this match is usually the younger brother in Fenix facing off against the son of L.A. Park and the two elders doing battle. It gives the match an extra layer in story that really makes the match feel different.
  • The crowd is cheering for the moves but there is no reaction to the near falls. Not even counting along with the referee.
  • There are TONS of chair shots to the head in this match. Like a gross amount. I’m so happy that the wrestlers at least get their hands up. It’s just very jarring to see on a highly produced show. WWE is a highly produced show and hasn’t had them in years.
  • When Pentagon finally gets the pin on El Hijo De L.A. Park the crowd erupt. So nevermind what I said about the no reacting. Also there is theme music playing!

And I’m Like… That match didn’t tell much of a story but it still was super fun. All these dudes went hard as hell and that damn table WOULD NOT BREAK. That better be on Botchamania this month! I think this was a very fast and entertaining episode of MLW.

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