Raw Recap For October 15th, 2018

(Segment 1) The Dogs Of War Kick Off Raw: They talked about their feud with The Shield. The trio talked about how they will take anyone on, at any time. Dolph and Drew beefed up their matches tonight against Seth and Dean for the World Cup Tournament. The Shield came out to confront them, but without Dean. Seth says The Shield is alive and well. Seth says he wants Drew right now and they will start Raw off with a bang.

(Segment 2) Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre (World Cup Qualifying Match): I have always said I like when these guys wrestle but WWE is really overdoing it. They have had Seth, Dolph, Dean, Drew, Roman, and Braun wrestle each other in some fashion. It is reallt starting to get old and they need to move on from this feud or change it up in some way. They put on good matches, but it is boring seeing it every week. Rollins took the win via count out with help from Ambrose. This was good action to get Raw started.

(Segment 3) WWE Took A Look At The DX Reunion: WWE looked at DX and how their reunion came about. WWE also showed videos of the Brothers Of Destruction and how DX does not respect them. This was a good segment, they did not draw it out too long. It helped the match even more and gave the match more reasoning. The reason being DX not respecting Kane and Undertaker.

(Segment 4) Ember Moon and Nia Jax vs Tamina and Dana Brooke: I am confused on how Tamina is randomly on Raw, but I do not care enough to figure it out. She is not a good wrestler so it does not change much. Dana Brooke can wrestle either so I could care less about this match, we all knew who was going to win. Nia and Ember took the win. During this match WWE announced a Battle Royal for Evolution, the winner gets a Women’s Title Match.

(Segment 5) Ronda Rousey Talks: Rousey talked about her recent ‘betrayal’ from the Bella Twins. He got heated and almost sounded like a shoot from Ronda. I really liked it and it added heat to the feud.

(Segment 6) Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler (World Cup Qualifying Match): As I said before, it is getting boring having the same six men face each other every week in some fashion. This is why their ratings and viewership is down. Ziggler took the win via pinfall and moves onto the World Cup Tournament.

(Segment 7) Finn Balor vs Jinder Mahal: Another match I could care less about and another rivalry with nothing behind it. Balor took the win over Mahal to get momentum towards nothing.

(Segment 8) Bobby Lashley vs Tyler Breeze: Bobby got the win in a pointless match, it was only to get Bobby another win.

(Segment 9) Lita and Trish Stratus Live: They beefed up their match with Alexa and Mickie. Alexa and Mickie came out and ran their mouths as always with no action. I am not interested in this match at all for Evolution.

(Segment 10) Ruby Riott vs Natalya: Natalya came out with Sasha and Bayley as backup for the Riott Squad. I could care less about this match and really have no interest in Nattie. Natalya took the win via DQ.

(Segment 11) Elias Live: Elias was talking smack about Philly and was getting booed pretty well for it. Apollo interrupted him. I am actually all for this feud and think it will be very good. These two will work very well together and can actually be fun.

(Segment 12) The Dogs Of War vs The Shield: This is yet another match by these 6 men, there really is not much to say other then this is getting boring. I could not care about this match one bit because this is the third time in less than 2 week, plus we have seen these 6 guys face each other before every single week of Raw. The Shield took the win. Braun took out Dolph after the match, then Drew hit Braun with a Claymore. Drew walked off after he hit it and then Raw ended.

Overall Raw Grade: D