Announcement Being Teased By Hulk Hogan Could Pertain To WWE’s New Deal With FOX

As you may have heard already, Hulk Hogan is teasing some type of “big announcement” for October 27th.

There have been reports circulating that both Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have been rumored to be part of the announcement potentially. This of course was fueled by reports last week of Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop in Orlando was closed for part of the afternoon while Hogan, Hall, and Nash were all on location filming material for an undisclosed project. The trio were also spotted to be wearing the nWo black & white during the session.

On the latest episode of Barn Burner’s No Holds Barred Podcast, Joseph Peisich reported that he heard a rumor stating that the announcement may have something to do with WWE Programming that will be airing on the FOX Network. It was also pointed out that October 27th, just so happens to be the day before WWE’s Evolution PPV.

Additionally it was noted that Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash were planning something nWo related, and that there have already been vignettes filmed.

“Knowing that New Japan and Ring Of Honor are having a show April 6th and the actual Evolution pay-per-view is in Long Island New York. Could it be that the WWE invades Madison Square Garden with Hogan coming out as the nWo or Hogan.”

“I’ve also heard that they may show up in Toronto on August 27th which, by the way, is a Monday not a Saturday. So I don’t know what they have planned for October 27th but I have heard today the rumor I haven’t confirmed it, I’m just going to give a straight-up rumor here that Fox will be making an announcement about programming on their network.”

You can listen to the entire episode of No Holds Barred embedded in the audio below.

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