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Julia Hart: She’s Gone Away

Julia Hart is like the popular, pretty girl that you’d know from school - always cheery and smiley, even when there’s the dark veneer that they go through yet no one pays enough attention enough to be privy to it. Why not, if you only

Young Lions in Current NJPW

Young Lions are wrestlers trained under the NJPW system. NJPW without question has the best dojo (wrestling school) in the world, if you look at the number of names that came through their system like: Jushin Thunder Liger, Hiroshi

Death Roulette: End of a Mask

Legacy, culture, and respect. On October 15, 2022, so much was on the line, in the name of legacy, culture, and respect. The place is Mexico City, on AAA'S biggest event of the year - on par with WWE's WrestleMania or NJPW's

I Am Me: Ava Raine

NXT has a new superstar on their hands and she goes by the name Ava Raine. On this week’s (10/25/22) edition of NXT, The Schism, Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid introduced their fourth stablemate. For weeks and weeks they’ve teased

Nikki Cross: Let’s Play

Nikki Cross is back and now it looks like she has returned to her old, unhinged self. A couple of weeks back, we saw a distraught Nikki A.S.H take off her mask after losing to the returning Candice LeRae. Cross has been off TV since,

The Honeymoon Period is Over

A honeymoon period is a period of time when everything looks good, but with some flaws that can be ignored for the sake of being fair and because of the short time a promotion or new booker has been established. Every wrestling promotion

CM Punk’s Run in AEW

With the most likely scenario being AEW buying out CM Punk's contract, this is the perfect time to remember CM Punk's run in AEW, but most importantly, the impact he had with the promotion during his time there. His debut was booked to