RVD Is Very Impressed By Jacob Fatu So Far

WWE may be bringing in Jacob Fatu, and the writing on the wall is that it’s a done deal. He has one WWE Hall of Famer’s approval.

During a recent edition of the “1 Of A Kind” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam discussed wrestler Jacob Fatu, who has reportedly signed with WWE but has not yet debuted. RVD shared his thoughts on Fatu:

“Yes, I have. He’s very good. I was very impressed with him. I saw him in LA at PCW, Pacific Coast Wrestling. I was there, and I was very impressed with him. For being a big dude, I like the way that he does the double-jump springboard moonsault, and that just stuck out in my mind. Obviously, he does a lot more than that, and he’s a really good wrestler. He’s been around for a while, making a lot of noise.”

Fatu was reportedly backstage at WrestleMania 40 last month. It is unknown when he will make his WWE debut. Fatu is thought to be joining the Bloodline storyline. He reportedly signed a deal with WWE after his MLW contract expired. Only time will tell what is next for him, but Jacob Fatu could make a significant impact in WWE, especially in the Paul Levesque era.