Charlotte Flair Set To Star In “You Lose You Die”

Charlotte Flair is currently out of action, recovering from a knee injury. While she awaits her return to the ring, Flair is keeping herself occupied with new ventures. According to Deadline, Charlotte Flair has been cast in the horror/thriller film “You Lose You Die,” written by Carlos “Spiff TV” Suarez.

In this film, Flair will take on a leading role opposite Freddy Rodriguez. The cast also includes Josh Bredl, the winner of WWE Tough Enough, who will play the character Mr. Large. The film’s synopsis is as follows:

“You Lose You Die” centers around the sinister world of sociopathic tech expert Mr. Fantastik, portrayed by Freddy Rodriguez. Mr. Fantastik runs a highly popular show on the dark web, attracting thousands of viewers who are drawn to its morbid and thrilling content. He is joined by two other sociopathic tech experts: Ms. Perfect, played by Charlotte Flair, and Mr. Creep, played by Anthony Alvarez.

In this chilling show, viewers have the power to vote on various games and challenges that prisoners are forced to participate in. The stakes are incredibly high, as the prisoners’ failure in these challenges leads to dire consequences. If the prisoners lose, the viewers then vote on the weapons that Mr. Fantastik, Ms. Perfect, and Mr. Creep will use to kill them. This gruesome premise sets the stage for a terrifying exploration of human depravity and the dark side of technology.

As Flair continues her recovery from the knee injury, she is taking on this new and challenging role in the film industry.